A Sneak Peek at the BlogHer Food Closing Party: Announcing Hosts Ree Drummond, Jaden Hair, and Elise Bauer!

While we can't yet reveal the location, we wanted to give you a sneak peek into the BlogHer Food '14 final party! We are excited to announce that Ree Drummond, Jaden Hair, and Elise Bauer will be hosting the closing party in Miami. Again! We are thrilled! ...more

More Precious Than Rubies...The Stones, That Is

 This morning I realized I had a pork roast now on its fifth day in my meat drawer.   Still having snippets of last week’s “Pioneer Woman” cooking show in my head, I decided to make pulled pork. Sans the soda pop.  I cook my pork with a swagger.  In other words, I drown that sucker in beer....more
@elaineR.N. Peaceful moments are so valuable. I'm grateful for the fact that you have a few, ...more

Where Can You Find Great Photo Bloggers? Read This.

Today's photo bloggers are showing us more than just a pretty picture. They're giving us a glimpse into their lives, what they do when they're not snapping away. From little bits and pieces of their descriptions, we learn a bit about what makes them tick and click. Photo bloggers interact with one another on the blogosphere by more than just commenting on their blogs. They participate in weekly photo challenges, submit to Flickr groups and encourage one another to do better ...more
I love this post as I am a photographer blogger and always looking for inspiration! Please check ...more

Starting Tomorrow, Sneak a Peek at The Pioneer Woman's TV Show!

Here at BlogHer, we're awfully excited about Ree Drummond's Pioneer Woman Food Network show, which premieres Saturday, August 27, at 11:30 am ET/10:30 am CT. But starting tomorrow, you can get a sneak peek at the show based on Ree's The Pioneer Woman blog, best-selling cookbook and memoir. ...more
Agree! Love Ree's blog and recipes.more

BlogHer Network Member News, April 19: Matthew Wright's Photography Manual Raises Funds for Japan + More

Matthew Wright from Wright Food wrote a book about how to photograph food and is donating all of the profits from the sale to the Red Cross to help with disaster relief in Japan. ...more

A little MacGuyver inspired photo shoot

Feels like I haven't I haven't posted all weekend.  Oh wait, I haven't. Sorry wonderful people who read my blog.  I've been working on a little side project that took up most of my free time this weekend.  But today I thought I'd give you a tutorial on how to take some "product shots."  You know, pictures of things like jewelry or food or anything that you want to take  a photo of but you want it to have a white background and to be sitting on a white surface. Does this make sense?...more

BlogHer Network Member News, March 9: Bloggie Winners + More

Tanis Miller of Attack of the Redneck Mommy won a Bloggie for the Best Canadian Blog in the 2011 Weblog Awards. It was her third win and she's now a member of the Hall of Fame in that category. ...more

Congratulations to the bloggie winners!

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BlogHer Network Member News, Jan 25: Ree Drummond's Memoir + More

A Pioneer Woman memoir out next week; Dollar Store Crafts in Sunset Magazine, Sweetnicks on Babble.com and more news from members of the BlogHer Publishing Network....more

PW came to P-town

Iz and I went to see Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, at Powell’s last night. I’ve seen images from her book signings of rooms at capacity, but for some reason I was still shocked by the number of people in attendance. We arrived right on time at 5:45 pm. Ree was due to arrive at 6pm. Wow were we ever late!...more