Extra Helpings: How to Peel Pistachios

Lilia writes: In your recipe for Pistachio Soup, you say to the pistachios should be “shelled, peeled and chopped.” Well, I shelled them, but it took too long to peel them so I gave up and ate them. Is there an easier way?This is one of my favorite food stories:  When London’s Marks and Spencer department store began selling pistachios in the early 1960’s, M&S included instructions telling shoppers to take the shells off before eating. Many did not read the instructions. You can image the rest....more

Chocolate and Pistachio Matzoh~Perfect for Passover & Easter

Tradition, food, special readings, family, reverence, friends, laughter and thankfulness are all words that come to mind when I think about Easter and Passover. The Seder Meal is very special to our Jewish brothers and sisters, and I am so thankful that my family has taken part in this beautiful meal with special friends the past two years....more

Here is to a Day Full of Laughs, Pistachios, Normal Hormone Levels and Great Sex

Yesterday happened to be one of those days that started off shitty thanks to the total "I could so easily rip your head off" mood I woke up in.  Thank you so much PMS and the stuck on repeat, seems to be never-ending menstrual cycle I now have.  Have I mentioned how much I am so enjoying getting older?  My 30-something self has become a battle of wills.  Me against the machine.  The machine being age, my body, hormones.  I am pretty sure my face now breaks out more than it did when I was a teenage girl....more

Pistachio Stuffed Mushrooms

Dear Friends....I just won over a avowed mushroom hater with this recipe.            Baby Portabella Mushrooms stuffed with Pistachios & Sage...more

Baked Pears with Manuka Honey, Orange Blossom Water & Pistachio

so easy when you know how! Thanks for your help, all working on my latest post.more

Fig Happy

Fig HappyPhillip's parents have a quant little garden out the back, filled with lots of fresh produce. Things like lettuce, shallots, garlic, spinach and tomatoes - along with a fig tree and an olive tree. Each evening I meander through the garden and peruse the fig tree for fruit ready for eating.The figs are just coming into season and I can't wait for the first plump and juicy fig to be ready!...more

Pistachios Sweet and Savory

http://www.applecrumbles.com ...more