Female Founded Startups: Apply to Women 2.0 PITCH

If you have a startup in the early stages, here's a great competition that could help you get your business going. It's PITCH: Women 2.0 Startup Competition. The deadline to apply is November 30, 2011. Here are the basics. The 5th Annual PITCH: Women 2.0 Startup Competition is open to early-stage ventures around the world, from high growth business ventures in mobile to web, from double bottom line businesses to connected devices. ...more

Literary Agents and One Night Stands

Hello, ladies, I just joined Blogher and wanted to introduce myself via my favorite post about writing and sending out work to literary agents. Because seeking representation is such a vulnerable and self-exposing act, I wrote a post comparing waiting for an agent to call me back to a one night stand to call back after a night of craziness. It's all very vulnerable.  ...more

Women Entrepreneurs: Learn To Ask For The Money

Women Entrepreneurs: Learn To Ask For the Money Here are the facts: Women own nearly half of all privately held companies - an increase of 20% compared to the overall total increas eof 9%. That's progress. Men get 90% of the funds handed out by Angel investors. But before you label the Angels investment organizations sexist pigs, the research shows that only 8.9% of the applications come from women. Once the pitch is made, women do almost equally as well as men in securing funding (13.3% vs. 14.8%). Lessons learned: ...more