Too Much Love for Pixar’s New Movie, Inside Out

If you were a child or parent in the 90s, you remember Pixar’s debut animated feature film Toy Story and its heroes Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Since the hit came out in 1995, the motion picture studio has continued to release blockbuster movies that appeal to children and adults. Grownups revel in uncovering the moral of the story and educate their little ones. Kids are drawn to the characters and visual effects....more

Why Pixar's Inside Out is a must see for everyone with a mind :)

Disclaimer: I was invited to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in May, where I saw partial screenings of the film, Inside Out, as well as behind-the-scenes footage and a presentation from the producer. The conference provided discounted lodging and stay at Walt Disney World, but participants were required to pay their way. Additionally, I was given 4 tickets to screen the film in order to facilitate this review. I am not required to write a positive review; all opinions are my own. ...more

Be "Brave": Brenda Chapman, Heartbreak, Hollywood, and Gender Inequality

There's a lot of conversation in BlogHer back channels around the current state of women in and television specifically. We often discuss the different ways we can help to spur the conversation and elevate our Hollywood counterparts from here on the web. And like many BlogHer Editors, I lead a double life -- curating and cultivating women's stories here and then changing hats and pounding the pavement as a screenwriter in the trenches of Tinseltown. ...more
Thanks for this post! I'm an aspiring tv/screenwriter myself and I have to admit that sometimes ...more

A Pixar Princess

Original post on xoxoxo e...more

Lessons from The Incredibles -- Cultivating my inner Edna

My husband and I are big Pixar fans, and one of our favorites is The Incredibles. In fact, we loved it so much when we saw it, we went back the next day to see it again. The only other movie I've ever done something like that for was Lord of the Rings, and even then, I waited a couple of days. So yes, The Incredibles is in a class all by itself....more

Infertility and Up: How Pixar Tackled Living Child-Free after Infertility

It started with an emailed warning: Pixar's new movie, Up, contains a scene that depicts either pregnancy loss or infertility. It continued with posts--both embracing Disney for sensitively portraying the inability to build a family and condemning Disney for introducing yet another topic that parents don't wish to cover with their kids. Finally, I went to see it for myself. And I sobbed. ...more
I tried many remedies to conceive and then finally gave up and siad if it happens it will ...more

Going to see UP? Bring tissues.

Up is the number one movie in America, by far, bringing in $68 million in it's first weekend alone. When I took my daughters to see it (the first time) I was expecting just another entertaining, lighthearted, there's-a-lesson-in-there-too, colorful and beautiful to look at Pixar film. I mean, there's a floating house, talking dogs, an adorably chubby little boy and an equally adorable elderly man, the Disney equivalent to Clint Eastwood's character in Gran Torino (minus the racism). I'm a huge Pixar fan, loving just about everything they've produced so far besides Cars, which I just don't get the hype about, and I knew from the previews that Up would be no different, but I had no idea that I'd be sitting there fighting back tears for the the first 1/2 an hour and biting my lip intermittently throughout the entire thing. ...more

Hey Jen,

Hmm, maybe you're right. I guess I wasn't thinking of Russell as an allegory ...more