Cauliflower Pizza

As promised a few weeks ago in my Cauliflower Rice post, here is another great way to use cauliflower. Cauliflower Pizza is one of my new favorite meals....more

"To Die For" Bacon, Alfredo & Spinach Pizza

A few weeks ago, while showering, I started to think about pizza. Everyone does this right?  Except that sometimes I have an exotic itch that needs scratched. This time it centered around balsamic vinegar. I can't get enough of the stuff, especially as a dip for artisan bread. It would only follow that it should work with the right type of pizza, no? Oh yeah, let's get some bacon in there too, right? Obviously, I assumed that Pinterest could take care of this for me?Except no, because sadly I found that where such a recipe should exist, Pinterest remained silent....more

AIP Hawaiian Pizza

Chicken Shawarma Pita Pizza

So, funny story… I just discovered that I never published this post. I made these Chicken Shawarma Pita Pizzas back in September, took pictures, edited said pictures, entered the recipe and pictures into this post, and then promptly forgot to ever actually publish it. I have no idea why. It was the week of my birthday before I spent a long weekend in Provincetown, so maybe I was just distracted by my excitement. Yeah… yeah, that’s it. Let’s go with that. ...more

Simple Margherita Pizza

 Mama Mia, pizzaria!!...more

Mini Tortilla Pizza

I am sooooooo excited to share this recipe to you all. Look, they are soooo cute!!!! It does look like a real pizza, haha. Super easy to make and so yummy. Great snack for kids, you can make it with them (Trust me, they will love it!) And it will be the killer of the party!...more


You can use this recipe as a base for various toppings. Hate olives? Top with mushrooms and pepperoni. Make it a Hawaiian with ham and pineapple pieces. I love it because it’s easy to get creative and you can’t really mess it up! [Read more]  ...more

Friday night comfort: #Pizza &; Potato Croquettes

Ciao all! Tonight there's not that much cooking involved, it's just a matter of turning the oven on at the right temperature and bake some deliciousness from our freezer, adding just some fresh ingrediends and turning into an outstanding meal.   ...more

Nann Bread Smoked Salmon Pizza with Dill Sauce and Pickled Onions

This Nann Bread Smoked Salmon Pizza is my perfect go-to recipe when I want something light, fast and easy! And it can be made in less than 15 minutes! This is a re-creation of a dish I had a few years ago at the Banff Spring Hotel, a spectacular hotel in the heart of the Banff National Park in Alberta Canada.  It was built in the 19th century as one of Canada's grand railway hotels and the view of the Rocky Mountains from the terrace is just breathtaking....more