Truffled Madrigal Pizza

Out Of Expectation

It’s been exactly two weeks since I arrived in Fort Lauderdale and I am proud to say I’ve been eating unexpectedly well with nourishing food to keep my mind and body happy. Cooking and baking play such a large role in my life. When things go well in the kitchen, chances are I’m feeling calm and well-adjusted in my overall wellbeing too. After all, if I can spare the time and energy required for good cooking, I probably have everything else under control....more

Potato Pizza: Fontina, Oregano, and Melted Onions

As I blinked my tears away, I told those stewing onions that were stinging my eyes, “you better be worth it.”...more

Mediterranean Pizza

Apple Pizza at ...more

Muffuletta Pizza at The Gourmet Mom:

Muffuletta Pizza at The Gourmet Mom:  ...more

The Baker's Edge Pan is brilliant if you're not an idiot. *Ahem*

As an early Valentine's Day present this year I received the Baker's Edge pan. This little bit of brilliant is a nonstick metal pan that bakes up maze-shaped delights with maximum edges. Everybody knows brownie corners are the best. Nobody dislikes deep dish pizza, where the cheese and sauce are high up over the dough, baking into a crispy, chewy, greasy mouthful of amazing. Same goes for lasagna. And au gratin potatoes. Listen, this pan is a game-changer. You just have to learn how to use it. The hard way....more
 @Denise We idiots stumble upon tasty, tasty things. :)more


Here's how this came about.Yesterday driving home from school I call my husband.Me - "I need to stop at the grocery so is there anything in particular you want for dinner?"Husband - "Calzone!" (not even a moment's hesitation there?)Me - "ummm......okay"Husband - "Really? But you said you'd never make pizza at home?"Me - "Well....are you gonna come home and build me a brick oven in the backyard?"Husband - (silence..............)...more

National Pizza Week Recipes

I'm not sure who makes up these holidays, but I always find the "National {insert noun} Week" and "{Insert Noun} Day" interesting. They also make great inspiration for blog posts. :) ...more

Locavore Living...One Pizza at a TIme

Once upon a time, all human beings were locavores, and everything we ate was a gift of the earth.   We only ate what was grown or produced with in a small radius of where we lived and worked.  Somehow, over the last few years the word Locavore has re-ignited a food revolution of sorts in Middle America.  I don't think that chef Jessica Prentice knew in 2005 that she coined a phrase that brings with it so many questions and so much skepticism. ...more