Garden Fresh Broccoli Pizza {gluten free}

I love pizza, but ordering it out all the time will quickly get costly -- for both your wallet and your waist. But, by making it at home, you can control what you put on it, as well as what kind of cheese and crust you use. For gluten free homemade pizzas, I like to use Udis crusts. They taste like a "regular" thin crust and they cook just as well as any "regular" pre-made pizza crust.  If you don't need to eat gluten free, just use your favorite pizza shell. ...more

When the Carbs Hit Your Thigh Like a Big Pizza Pie, Anjou A-more-A

By: Becky Berowski Photo by Nina Choi on Cooking Light Lanky, twiggy, weedy, gangly. I have been called them all. Yes, I may sound like a skinny b*tch, but even thin girls have body issues. My chest missed the boat on puberty, and after large dinners my food baby rivals that of an actual pregnant woman. I thought I had tackled weight gain until my aggressive eating caused a deflection. The delay hit when I was being measured for a casting in my Calvin Klein underwear....more

Costco's Take and Bake Pizza

Disclaimer: I like Costco. Despite not being overly fond of having to pay a business for the privilege of shopping at their stores, and even though I don’t have a need for gallon pails of peanut butter and mayonnaise, or five gallon drums of laundry detergent and 10-pound sacks of rice, I like Costco. Having said that… I finally got around to buying a Costco’s Kirkland brand take and bake pizza....more

Bleu Cheese, Pear & Lavender Pizza

I'm not sure if this pizza could get any more girly. I mean, it has flowers on it. ...more
This looks like heaven :)more

Mr. Cain, Veggie Pizza Is Not "Sissy"

Dear Mr. Cain,Forget your politics, your abrupt way of dealing with journalists or even the alleged sex scandal that is putting a wrinkle in your campaign. You, made a major error in your interview with GQ magazine  -- you called a veggie pizza "sissy." "A manly man don't want it piled high with vegetables! He would call that a sissy pizza," you told GQ....more
@Michelle Maskaly I'm not a vegetarian, but I am wholly supportive of PETA's intent - but wow, ...more

Grilled Eggplant Pizza

Since I have more eggplants than I know what to do with, I'm determined to incorporate them into my cooking in every way possible. In fact, look for my new e-book, "365 days of Eggplant," on a Kindle near you. Just kidding! Well, maybe only sort of kidding. Anyway, I figured why not try it on pizza. As with most of the things I make, it's vegetarian, and can be modified to be gluten free by using a gluten free pizza crust. For vegans, just eliminate the cheese and make sure your crust is vegan. ...more

Broccoli 'Rizo Pepper Jack Pizzas

Rated KF for Kid Friendly, N for Nutritious, QE for Quick and Easy, S for Spicy, V for Vegetarian, and Y for Yummy! This is my first post using my own original recipe. I did not use any specific measurements. Simply prepare according to your own taste. Pepper Jack and Soyrizo(R) are both spicy, so balance your flavors. Ingredients: Whole wheat bread, toasted Prepared pizza sauce Broccoli Soyrizo(R) Pepper Jack cheese 1. Spread Pizza sauce onto whole wheat toast. I use about 2-3 tablespoons. ...more

Vegan Guest Blogger - Paul Graham

Have you been reading Eating Vegan in Vegas? I think you should. Paul Graham is a friend from high school, who happens to be vegan, and happens to live in Las Vegas. He's taken it upon himself to spend an entire year blogging about his dining adventures, and what he has to share with us is just wonderful. Even if you never go to Vegas, you'll be inspired by all the beautiful meals Paul shows us....more

When All Else Fails, There's Pizza . . . Sometimes

Today, my husband and I made a valiant attempt to have lunch at a small European-styled café not far from our house. This café—whose proprietor is currently featured in local news spots because, as a survivor of the World Trade Center attack, she has a story to tell—has seen its fair share of goofy mishaps as of late when in early August a 92-year old man drove his car through the café, and the following week the café was robbed of $400.Nothing says good eatin’ like overcoming adversity....more

French Bread Pizza

This is a really easy recipe where you pretty much choose whatever you want as your topping, just like you do with pizza.  Except this is even EASIER (cause if you're like me and usually make  your own pizza dough) all you have to do is buy the french loaf at the bakery and there ya have it people.  For mine, I took my loaf and cut it in half and then cut it down the middle, so I had 4 pieces total....more