Spinach and Artichoke Dip Pizza

 Spinach and Artichoke Dip Pizza...more

Recipe Monday - A Pizza for Every Day of the Week

Having toddlers means ordering in is just easier than going out, sometimes. When we first moved here, we tried all the local pizza delivery options. We didn't really like any of them. In fact, our favorite is Dominos, if that tells you anything about the quality of the pizza here.   One day, I had the excellent idea of picking up premade pizza dough from Publix. That was a game-changer. I don't make my own dough because that sounds like something I could really mess up, but if you are a better cook than I am, consider it....more

Pizzazz Pizza

  Have you ever seen the mozzarella logs that are rolled with prosciutto in your local markets?  If you have, buy one and use it to make the best pizza you will ever have!  Big statement right?...more

I have bought one of those logs before but I never thought of putting it on pizza. ...more

"Forget the gun, taken the frozen hot chocolate!" - Experiencing NYC food in 3 days

  "Everyone needs their quintessential New York City experience", is what I told my traveling compatriot, Alicia, after just arriving in NYC, literally tossing her in a cab while yelling to the driver, "Take her to the Hilton New York, pronto, amigo!"...more

Sourdough Pizza with a Bubbly Crust

] We all love pizza, that is just the way it is! (If you don't, don't tell anyone, you will be deemed a suspicious person) If you like a chewy, tasty crust, you might want to add some sourdough to your dough. For this formula, I added not only 60% motherdough which had been cold fermented three days ( for the flavor and added extensibilty), but also some vigorous 100% hydration starter as well (for the yeasts)....more

Paneer Tikka Pizza

I love baking. Don't know when this passion evolved, but I truly love and enjoy it. To continue this passion,I started to try new recipes. Initially I baked only cakes, brownies and cookies which also lead to my weight gain :(. Now I am in the phase of cutting down weight, hence started baking savory items....more

Pan Salmon Pizza

Here is a recipe, inspired by watching last night's "Master Chef". A contestant name Jennie, I believe, from Texas, made a delicious dish called Salmon Tart. After watching the episode, I was inspired to re-create the recipe into a pizza, since I didn't have any puff pastry. Check out the recipe, in my blog: http://getfitjuju.blogspot.com/2011/06/bestest-workout-ever-pan-salmon-pizza.html Please let me know what you think about the recipe, or leave a comment to say "Hi!" :)...more

A Summertime Favorite: Grilled Pizza

Our home is a pizza house. We both love pizza, our dogs even get a little crazy around a hot pizza. They beg for our crusts, we might condone this. When we pick up a pie, it normally costs us around $20. We're not extravagant, we don't eat specialty pizzas (most of the time) we're pretty happy with a cheese pizza. If we really want to put something on it, we'll add it at home. Since pizza is so expensive at the pizzarias we like to order from, we try to make it at home as much as possible. ...more

Pizza...Like You've Never Seen It Before!

"Ideas are like pizza dough, made to be tossed around." -- Anna Quindlen, author and pizza fan.Well, at Just A Pinch, we get to enjoy the best of both worlds: creative ideas ABOUT pizza! Whether intended to save time, conserve calories or just mix things up a bit, members' creative pizza recipes have been flowing freely lately! I just couldn't wait to bring you a few of my cravable favorites....more

Shades of...

Blog Directory Okay so the mockingjay that's outside my bedroom window is so excited that it's spring that it's told me about it alllllll night long: there's one reason to cover my eyes with some dark and black shaded cover..Next, I made an appointment to see the eye glasses 'identifier' today cause in the midst of getting too excited about my iced mocha I could afford (it was Frida and payday) I dropped my glasses along the way somewhere and called up later only to find that they were broken in th...more