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Muffuletta Pizza at The Gourmet Mom:

Muffuletta Pizza at The Gourmet Mom:  ...more

The Baker's Edge Pan is brilliant if you're not an idiot. *Ahem*

As an early Valentine's Day present this year I received the Baker's Edge pan. This little bit of brilliant is a nonstick metal pan that bakes up maze-shaped delights with maximum edges. Everybody knows brownie corners are the best. Nobody dislikes deep dish pizza, where the cheese and sauce are high up over the dough, baking into a crispy, chewy, greasy mouthful of amazing. Same goes for lasagna. And au gratin potatoes. Listen, this pan is a game-changer. You just have to learn how to use it. The hard way....more
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Here's how this came about.Yesterday driving home from school I call my husband.Me - "I need to stop at the grocery so is there anything in particular you want for dinner?"Husband - "Calzone!" (not even a moment's hesitation there?)Me - "ummm......okay"Husband - "Really? But you said you'd never make pizza at home?"Me - "Well....are you gonna come home and build me a brick oven in the backyard?"Husband - (silence..............)...more

National Pizza Week Recipes

I'm not sure who makes up these holidays, but I always find the "National {insert noun} Week" and "{Insert Noun} Day" interesting. They also make great inspiration for blog posts. :) ...more

Locavore Living...One Pizza at a TIme

Once upon a time, all human beings were locavores, and everything we ate was a gift of the earth.   We only ate what was grown or produced with in a small radius of where we lived and worked.  Somehow, over the last few years the word Locavore has re-ignited a food revolution of sorts in Middle America.  I don't think that chef Jessica Prentice knew in 2005 that she coined a phrase that brings with it so many questions and so much skepticism. ...more

Squash Kale Pizza from The Way the Cookie Crumbles

For anyone who may have dared to think that meatless pizza might be a tiny bit boring, may I offer this amazing-sounding Squash Kale Pizza from Bridget at The Way the Cookie Crumbles as this week's offering for Meatless Monday. I admit that since I've discovered how much I like kale I've become a bit kale-obsessed, and I think the idea of using it on a pizza is pure brilliance. Another thing about making pizza at home is that if you have family members who like different things, you can make half-and-half pizzas to please every taste....more
I've been kale-obsessed for quite some time now- I don't blame you! If you like this pizza, ...more

Butternut Squash Pizza

Butternut squash pizza  ...more

Garden Fresh Broccoli Pizza {gluten free}

I love pizza, but ordering it out all the time will quickly get costly -- for both your wallet and your waist. But, by making it at home, you can control what you put on it, as well as what kind of cheese and crust you use. For gluten free homemade pizzas, I like to use Udis crusts. They taste like a "regular" thin crust and they cook just as well as any "regular" pre-made pizza crust.  If you don't need to eat gluten free, just use your favorite pizza shell. ...more

When the Carbs Hit Your Thigh Like a Big Pizza Pie, Anjou A-more-A

By: Becky Berowski Photo by Nina Choi on Cooking Light Lanky, twiggy, weedy, gangly. I have been called them all. Yes, I may sound like a skinny b*tch, but even thin girls have body issues. My chest missed the boat on puberty, and after large dinners my food baby rivals that of an actual pregnant woman. I thought I had tackled weight gain until my aggressive eating caused a deflection. The delay hit when I was being measured for a casting in my Calvin Klein underwear....more