The Paradox of Letting Go in Foster Care

Foster parenting contains, by its very nature, a strange dichotomy. On one hand, you're expected to love and care for a child as if it was your own. On the other hand, you're expected to let that child leave your home after weeks, months, or years - whenever the circumstances are deemed appropriate....more

Hope Never Fails (or listens)

About a month ago, I attended a meeting between parents of children on the spectrum and our local school district. It was hosted by a parent-run independent organization whose mission is "To promote, support, and advocate for the education of diploma-bound students on the autism spectrum in grades K–12."(1). Having 2 very intelligent children on the spectrum, I thought it would be a good organization to look into. It would allow me to anticipate potential issues and start learning how to address potential pitfalls....more

Decision's Made

 Second meeting is done.  We're done for now.  Both of my kids are staying put....more

He Surprised Me.....

Simon's IEP meeting is approaching, and I'm starting to get comfortable with what I'm going to do (asking about changing his placement). Then today happens.......more

Fitting In

Well, we are now about 12 days from Simon's IEP meeting, and I'm completely unprepared. I still don't know what the answers are. I still don't even know the right questions to ask. Well, that's not quite true -- I know the biggest question.....WHERE DOES SIMON BELONG?...more

Effective Communication

The definition of "Effective Communication" is "2-way process sending the right message, that is also being correctly received and understood by the other person/s." (direct quote -- credit to

Worried Over Nothing

Yup. The meeting is done and over with and, as most who know me could have predicted, I worried about (you guessed it) Absolutely Nothing. Rachel is remaining in the CAPP program. There wasn't even a discussion (there may have been some in the room who didn't agree, but they didn't say so during the meeting -- they may have discussed it before I arrived or at a previous time). I just wish the rest of this journey was so easy....more