Of senators, sperms and the fight for birth control

The whole comedy of errors actually had the potential to make you laugh—if only it weren’t so real and true.It all started when Philippine Senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto, a staunch critic of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill, started crying on the Senate Floor. The RH Bill, in a nutshell, will pave the way for universal access to reproductive health care information and services. It is for this reason that the passage of the bill is being torn apart, disparaged and its passage delayed by those like Senator Sotto, who call themselves pro-life. ...more

Dealing With The Text Thieves

I have a website that has a LOT of text on my FAQ page. I've had the same site for about 12 years, and I add a little more whenever a different issue arises. In the word of specialty cakes, there's a huge problem with people taking other bakers' photos and using them on their sites. It's to the point where there's an entire facebook page called "Stop The Cake Thief" that's dedicated to outing people who have stolen photographs on their websites. ...more

Using My Own Words to Discuss Plagiarism

My daughters are in 6th and 9th grade.  I know that every year for the past four years they have had at least one report/project of some sort due during the school year.  Sometimes I find out a week in advance, sometimes I find out hours in advance.  Either way, I help when I’m needed, but I make them do their own work.  (and by help I mean I rush to the store and buy everything they need to complete said project and try to find stuff that will work so I don’t have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest Targe...more

Plagiarism Vs. Quoting & Citing

I hear the claim of plagiarism at least once a week since I started blogging for an actual company.  And now that I have been with Babble for roughly 16 months I have learned so much about the word plagiarism.Let me start off with two dictionary definitions. plagiarism |ˈplājəˌrizəm|nounthe practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.cite |sīt|verb [ with obj. ]...more

Next Stop: The Intersection of Plagiarism and Social Media

  There are signs all around us that things are changing: gas prices dropping, leaves falling from trees, new technologic accoutrements being released daily, and celebrities disappearing from reality TV shows as quickly as you can say, "Dancing With the Stars." ...more

On Blogging, Copycats, and Plagiarism...

There are some things in life that frustrate me more than others. People who drive 15 miles under the speed limit and then want to ride your bumper when you pass them; people who feel the need to tell you every single bad thing about a person or a place before you ever meet or experience things yourself; and people who can’t conjure up their own creative ideas and feel the need to steal and copy the creativity of others. I was strolling through Walmart the other night with the hubs, and something caught  my eye....more

The Plagiarism Epidemic

TA group of teachers-- some still working, some retired--were venting at my N...more

Plagiarism on the Web: Emotional Reactions to Content Theft

Imagine finishing off a very emotional post, connecting to community and releasing all of those thoughts by hitting publish. And then imagine finding your words recopied -- stolen -- on another site. The daily scraping performed by bots can be side-stepped by publishing a partial feed, but there is nothing to stop another person from hand-copying your posts, changing a few names, and then creating a fictional life, cannibalized from numerous blogs on the Internet. Which is what over 20 bloggers discovered when they found such a site at the end of last week. ...more
 @yafacio it does come back around.  Years ago I had a successful small manufacturing business, ...more

Plagiarism costs student $25,892.56

Matthew Coster was expelled from Central Connecticut State University in 2006 for committing plagiarism Except he wasn't really a plagiarist. A state judge has ruled that Coster was actually the victim of another student, Cristina Duquette, who stole Coster's paper from a mailbox, edited it into what their professor decided was a better paper, and turned it in as her own. ...more

 As a blogger who also writes articles for several websites, the biggest problem I run into ...more

What I Learned in Grade School ~ Play Nice ~ Don’t Plagiarize

OK readers, friends & bloggy buddies ~  today’s Rant of the Week is we’re going to have a little lesson in how to ‘Play Nice With Others.” See the little banner on the top right of my sidebar that I recently relocated due to an unfortunate incident?  Above it in red, it says “Don’t Even Think About It.” Underneath, it says “Yes, It’s Copyrighted.” ...more