Get Ready for a Conference: Make a Plan

BlogHer16 feels big... mostly because it is big. At any given moment, there are multiple tracks of programming, sponsors to visit in the Expo Hall, snacks to grab, keynotes to hear, bloggers to meet up with... There is A LOT. Every time I go to the conference, I start to panic when I see the schedule because I cannot wrap my brain around the idea of how I'm going to figure out where I need to go and what I need to do. I'm positive that something is going to fall through the cracks. ...more

You are a liar Devil

There are times in my journey when things gets worse each day of my life. No matter how hard i pray things get worse. No matter how i keep on pressing, it only seems as if i will be adding more fuel to more problems.  Do you know why? The devil only wants to  frustrate me. I lost my phone on Saturday on my way to the prayer session & i realised it in the middle of the session. The devil wanted me to do wrong by accusing God, not knowing i knew it was his plan....more

Where can I find a Gluten Free Meal Plan?

  Gluten Free Meal PlanWe are glad to offer our free gluten free, dariy free meal plan to evey one and while you are there check our delicious recipes. Keep checking back, we will have our grain free meal plan up soon....more

2 weddings... one month- Will I let a number define me?

 2 weddings... one month- Will I let a number define me?2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!...more

Take Action Now and Appreciate Your Plans


Don’t TRY to Breastfeed…PLAN to Breastfeed.

Have you ever noticed that if you ask a pregnant woman,“Are you going to breastfeed or bottlefeed?”...more

Take Charge of Your Career

The When, The How, and The WHO!WHEN…When do you realize that you need to take charge of your career? When you feel like you just have a “job”.  You have no dreams or path to follow.  It's a sad way to live when what you do 40 hours per week isn't fulfilling.When you feel negative and like nothing is within your control.  When your career is dictated for you or to you.  When thinking of work makes you tired.You deserve happiness!  But...HOW…...more

Make Your Business Successful - Work According To A Plan

It is thrilling to make your business successful by working according to a plan.  Almost everyone has heard the expressions, "prepare for war in the time of peace" and "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Both these expressions, are a perfect ways to describe how you should work for the success of your business. No matter what the business type, from a small mom blog to a Fortune 500 company, in order to be successful, a business has to operate according to a plan....more

Take Action Now and Find the Next Step

It is magnificent to spring into action and take action now by figuring out what should be the next step. In order to be successful you need to both take action now and be on the look out for what your next steps should be....more