God and Planned Parenthood

Excerpted from my Huffington Post piece, "God Is Also Inside Planned Parenthood"They were last night as I walked in to a Planned Parenthood discussion on “A Celebration of Faith and Reproductive Health.”...more

Why I Stand With Planned Parenthood as an Asian American Woman

The efforts to defund Planned Parenthood aren't just misguided, they unfairly target women of color....more

We Need To Talk About Abortion

The first time I visited a Planned Parenthood, I was 17 and seeking birth control with a teenage boyfriend. The second time, I was 20 and seeking a pregnancy test. It came up positive....more

See Planned Parenthood Top Doctor Talk Fetal Tissue Harvest and Sale over Lunch

The video below is not for the faint of heart--although it contains no graphic images. But there's something stomach-turning in watching a doctor discuss the sale of fetal body parts over lunch as she takes bites of her salad and sips her red wine.https://youtu.be/jjxwVuozMnUI couldn't help thinking about this scene from The Return of the King showing Denethor, Steward of Gondor, munching away as his son goes to fight to his (almost) death at this father's command.https://youtu.be/MxsA6lMg_dg...more

Why the Roadblocks to Sterilization?

In addition to the recent talk about sterilization and regret, an article in this month's edition of Vogue takes a very good angle on the topic of sterilization. The title of the article is: "Q: Just how hard can it be to avoid getting pregnant?...more

The War on Women: Government

Let’s imagine for a moment that the women of this country are denied access to birth control and that abortion is no longer an option. We now live in a country where any woman who becomes pregnant has to give birth to that child, regardless of circumstance. How would that affect the country?...more

The War on Women: The Economy

One of the most confusing points conservatives make regarding women’s rights in The United States is the one of cost. The idea that it is too costly to make birth control easily accessible or free is convoluted. A responsible woman who knows using protection is a better alternative to unwanted pregnancy should be denied birth control just because she can’t afford it? Sex is a natural part of being human. By their 19th birthday, seven in ten female and male teens have had intercourse....more

Komen Blues

The dust has settled ever so slightly on the Komen-Planned Parenthood eruption.  It seems everyone and their cousin has weighed in on the issue.  Meanwhile, I’ve listened.  My overall perception and opinion of Komen hasn’t changed at all, but I think the depth of my understanding of has....more

Susan G. Komen: Shame on Me, I Didn't Do My Research

My involvement with breast cancer fundraising goes back a long time.  Twelve years ago I trained extensively and raised more than id="mce_marker"2,000 to take part in two consecutive 3-Day walks in Los Angeles -- trekking 60 miles from Santa Barbara to Malibu....more