Planned Parenthood: an idea worth defending.

During 2011, politicians, commentators, and others have spent considerable time throwing disparaging remarks at Planned Parenthood, usually including wild claims distorting the proportional mix of the services it provides....more
@alienbody You are welcome... I attended a launch for and ...more

A 21st Century Look at a 20th Century Abortion Law

 21 Weeks ...more

Pro-Life Politicians are More Interested in Pushing Their Own Moral Agenda Than Protecting Women's Health

Yup, that's right. And I'm hopping mad. This past week, all but two of the Planned Parenthood offices in Arizona were forced to stop providing abortion services. The two that remain are in the biggest urban areas in the state, leaving the majority of women in Arizona out of possibilities that are safe and convenient. ...more

A Culture War Against Conservative Women

Injecting conservative values into the cultural mainstream is a battle, especially for women’s issues in popular, female-geared media like magazines. Liberal ideology has attracted the female presidential vote—and the female magazine—for years. For most of these crusaders and publications, “women’s issues” comes down to one issue: abortion. ...more
Aside from the other fallacies in your argument, no one is "pro-abortion."  When you toss out ...more

My Planned Parenthood Story: I'm Participating in This Blogging Event Today, and You Can Too!

This post  is cross-posted from my blog,  Build Peace,  which is participating in a blog carnival today organized by two Hoosier-based blogs, What Tami Said and Shakesville in support of Planned Parenthood which  as you know is under siege from Right Wing extremists.  Check out the Blog Carnival here. ...more

Pro Choice: A right; a necessity

 Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a girl named, well, Me. Dur­ing a walk after an argu­ment with her mom, Me met a boy named He. He approached her from across the street, hop­ing that she would take a moment to enjoy a con­ver­sa­tion with him. She did. Not because she found him attrac­tive, but because in the chaos of her 15-year-old life, Me was often look­ing for atten­tion of some kind. She felt lonely, and unloved, and unpretty. She never fit in in her neigh­bor­hood, and even when she tried to, she could only pre­tend for so long. But when He stopped her, Me felt for the first time that she was not invisible. They talked for hours, walk­ing in secluded areas of woods and rocks. He sug­gested that they sit and he spread his jacket on the ground, offer­ing Me a clean place to relax. Soon the talk­ing turned to kiss­ing which turned to touch­ing and then to sex. And sud­denly, Me was thrust into a 3 year rela­tion­ship of fights with her mom, run­ning away, almost flunk­ing out of school, weed, drink­ing, and depres­sion. He made her feel loved in a way that no one ever did before. He filled a void of aban­don­ment and hate. And despite the fact that they had noth­ing in com­mon, they forged a bond that Me knew was tight yet severely flawed. She knew that while col­lege awaited her, for him edu­ca­tion was a mys­tery– a secret spo­ken of only in the unre­al­is­tic world of Heath­cliff Huxtable. Her lit­i­ga­tion dreams and his impov­er­ished night­mares did not mesh, but He loved Me and she wanted that love so much. Soon, she stopped fight­ing when he rejected pro­tec­tion for fear that he would dis­ap­pear leav­ing her to fade away, lost in the shadow of disdain....more

Where Does Planned Parenthood Provide Mammograms?

If you haven't seen the latest Live Action video about Planned Parenthood, take a few minutes to watch it. They shred the last remnant of respect that Planned Parenthood appears to have....more

Sounds to me like you're the one misleading people. I will now unsubscribe from your blog. tsk tskmore

The Growing Options for Birth Control & Threats to Access

According to Claire Brindis, co-founder of the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco, “Pills, condoms, IUDs have long been the traditional method of contraception.” There are also female condoms, diaphragms, and cervical caps....more

Thanks, BCriswell--Repro rights are not the "fat" but abortion opponents will try to get in any ...more

House Bill removed Planned parenthood funding.

When you hear the term "no more wire hangers" what do you think of?  Mommy Dearest?  To be honest, me too but there is also another meaning that we all know.   Law makers may drive us back to the time before women had reproductive rights.  I just can't believe that this has happened.  Planned Parenthood has been stripped of all federal funding.  What are they thinking?...more

I agree with Everything you have said as well.



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