Super Bowl Ad Over TeBlown?

It was hyped, discussed and blogged to death, but the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial was hardly the controversy it was made out to be. ...more

Planned Parenthood: Using the Internet for Better Reproductive Health in the US

"We have a reproductive health care crisis, and we need to do something about it," Tom Subak, Vice President for Online Services at Planned Parenthood, told me when I visited their office last week. "One in four women has an STD, and one in two African American women has an STD." ...more

Environmental Chemical Exposure Endangers Reproductive Health

By Deborah Ortiz Maybe you have read about “endocrine disruptors” and filed it away as an “environmental issue.” These endocrine disruptor chemicals are found in common consumer products such as pesticides, fertilizers and cleaning chemicals, and are a serious reproductive health issue as well. They have been linked to fertility problems, early puberty in children, poor birth outcomes and certain reproductive cancers. ...more

Dear President Obama - Women's Healthcare Priorities Are....

President Obama and his transition team have invited all of us to discuss health care. Planned Parenthood is leading a health care discussion group and is asking for your feedback. These are the questions Planned Parenthood is asking: ...more

when I should be headed for bed, or at least a bit of reiki.

I hope this post draws ...more

Political donations: how to use the power of your purse

In politics, money talks, but online fundraising has really helped close the money gap between men and women. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, women are the majority of low-dollar donors to Obama- in the $200-499 level. In this post, I present some ways to think about your political giving strategy. ...more

Ask Planned Parenthood Prez Cecile Richards About Election 2008!

A few weeks ago, it occurred to me that reproductive rights were not a priority issue for women this election year. This insight struck me while I was in a writing class with nine other (mostly liberal) women in prime childbearing years (20s and 30s), and I was the only person who mentioned that repro rights were among the three issues I considered most important in this election. I wondered what this meant. ...more

Planned Black Parenthood

"When the history of our civilization is written, it will be a biological history, and Margaret Sanger will be its heroine," Gloria Steinem wrote in Time. ...more

There is no excuse for how that call went, but on the face of it it seems to indicate nothing ...more

Pro-Choice and Proud!

Planned Parenthood is once again under attack. Not just in Aurora Illinois, but probably your local Planned Parenthood also. There is an organization that is picketing PP called "40 days for Life". They stand outside and hold up signs that say ridiculous things like "Abortion causes Breast Cancer" (unbelievable) Luckily at my local PP the clients don't really care. They are coming in for Pap tests, STI work ups and yes of course abortions. I think PP needs to know that you care, so if interested you can find a great banner on my blog site that states "this blogger supports PP and you can have the link post to your own local PP. Or use this link to get the code from a myspace site and change the html to reflect your own local PP. So all of you out there who are Pro-Choice and Proud-show your support around the blog. ...more

Thanks for supporting Planned Parenthood. We need all the support we can get!


Battle Over The Aurora Planned Parenthood: Is God Pro-Choice?

Yesterday I wrote a post on my personal blog titled "All Women's Rights Are Not Created Equal", in response to the controversy over the opening of a Planned Parenthood in Aurora. ...more

Not to completely hijack this thread, but a quick comment to Suzanne-

No pro-lifer ...more

When "Pro-Life" Means "Terrorist"

A few months ago, I was interviewed for a documentary on abortion directed by Bruce Isacson (you know, "Jaffe" in Outbreak? No? Neither did I…). At one point during a break, one of the crew mentioned that they have had a significantly more challenging time finding pro-choice people to participate in the project. "Perhaps," I suggested," it is because they are afraid to since the so-called 'pro-life' side likes to threaten to kill us." ...more

I forgot that the children and families of clinic workers are also often threatened.