Daily Planning List System

Here is a daily planning system that I started using about a month ago. This template doesn’t work as well as a printout due to the fact that you have day and week lists in one place. I still have it available as a print out to help you organize your own.I use a version of this on my desktop with a simple sticky note application. I also use a ‘real’ version. I set up my bulletin board as below and I find it works fantastically to keep me organized!...more

It's Not Me, It's You!

Every once in a while you will grow something that you simply do not love. It may grow well and even produce huge amounts of produce.  However, something about the relationship is just not right.  Perhaps your family does not enjoy eating it.  Maybe it takes up way too much space.  It is time for a break up!http://gardeningforcommunity.blogspot.com/2013/02/its-not-me-its-you.html...more

Frugal Planning

I managed a couple of sweet scores this week. One...I found a deal for a local attraction that I've been wanting to see.  It was a half-price deal with four tickets for under $20 dollars.  Score!!Two...I needed to purchase a birthday cake and an ice cream cake was specifically requested.  Lo and behold, I receive an email from Dairy Queen saying everything was half price on the 23rd.  I don't need the cake until the 31st...but that's what a freezer is for!!  Score!!...more

To Plan or Not to Plan

Look, I'm a pantser. I don't plan. I never plan. Why? Because my plans are all shit, that's why. My plans never play out. I can't bend my life to my will, it's too chaotic. And if I waste my time making plans, then I have to plan for (see what I did there?) more time on the other end, to wallow in self-pity when those plans don't work....more
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Can you plan for your birth?

Beth got a recommendation from a friend for an OB-GYN. This doctor was a part of her HMO network and she felt great about finding a really nice and attentive doctor so easily. Beth was following all his advice from limiting her caffeine intake to the frequency of appointments to what hospital to use for her delivery. The process felt great and easy to Beth. She appreciated the time her doctor took to answer her questions directly and thoroughly....more

Thanksgiving in Small Spaces

This year, I'm hosting Thanksgiving for four: my parents will join me and my fiancé at my apartment. The day is devoted to cooking and eating -- other than a walk down the street to our friends' place for dessert, we're going to do nothing but lie around my home, talking and eating and, once it's the appropriate time of day, imbibing. No problem, right? ...more
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6 Steps to Finish Any Project

Writing a movie script, running a marathon, developing the world’s greatest tomato sauce recipe. We all have that one thing, the thing we’ve been dying to do. We figure that if we want to do it badly enough, we will find the time to do it. We will be so motivated that it will get done. We start off full of energy and excitement and somewhere along the way it gets lost. Here is the magic formula you need to finish any project that you start! It will still be a lot of hard work, but there’s a greater chance you’ll do it when following these 6 steps…...more

Guest Post at Ms. Mommy HH6

Good Morning, Trainees! Today I have the privilege and honor of guest posting on the blog Ms. MommyHH6!  Ms. MommyHH6 is quite an impressive lady, if you aren't familiar with her blog. Here's a brief bio, in her own words:...more

Another Weekend...

ANOTHER WEEKEND OF summer down! It's going so fast!! We are now half way through July and I feel like summer just got started, EEEK! I guess the closer we get to August the more I start thinking about school and getting my ducks in a row. Planning schedules, looking at activities, and making sure we have a good balance can take a lot of time. Maybe not physically, but definitely mentally....more

Thrilling Thursday - Thinking Things Into Existence

Thrilling Thursday - it is thrilling to look at things realistically and know you can achieve what you want. For the past several weeks, the Thursday blog posts have been about having SMART goals, that means we have goals that are: SpecificMeasurableAttainableRealisticTime Bound...more