World Domination or Go With the Flow?

 As I fumble my way through this life, I continue to be plagued by the ever-present feeling that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing here. It’s rather disconcerting to say the least. As I talk to others, I find that I am not the only one who struggles with this dilemma.Are we supposed to have a well thought out plan for world domination, which we simply follow step by step, slowly inching our way toward an ultimate goal that we have predetermined?...more

How do you start planning a wedding on a tight budget??

How do you plan a dream wedding on a very limited budget? Since getting engaged in March, most of my free time has been in relation to the BIG DAY! The ideas are all circling my head. Something I've dreamt about forever is finally going to become a reality!  What I thought would be a great time quickly turned into the worst version of 20(thousand) questions EVER!  And everyone has questions for things I just can't answer yet.  ...more
Hi Hef! New reader here - your cute photo and post caught my eye. My bff got married a couple of ...more

Un-Planning - My Journey to Motherhood

My journey to motherhood hasn’t been so much about planning, as it has been about UN-planning. I met my now-husband back in late September of 2007, when I somehow finagled my way into a “guys’ night” poker game. C was the handsome stranger across the table who was soft spoken and played like a pro, and I was immediately smitten....more

Matrimonial Musings

    Even though we are in the very, very early stages of thinking about the wedding, I still have about a million ideas running through my head…and across my Pinterest.  We won’t start doing anything concrete for several months, but I thought I might share some general ideas with you for what I’m thinking....more

And so I'm back...from outer space

@Laine Griffin Woot! Woot! Rock it!more

Start Your Week Off Right

Today's Workout:Swim - WU200m Continuous (last 50/100 kick), M9x100m EBEH (Easy, Build, Easy, Hard)Bike - 1 Hour on the trainer, with some hills-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...more

A Place For Everything And Everything In It's Place

There is a shop near me that is dedicated to organizing your work, home and life. It has the slogan A Place For Everything And Everything In It's Place. I fell instantly in love with it. In fact, they had me at A Place For Everything. I desperately love the idea of everything being neat and organized. Yeah, I'm a bit of a control freak that way I guess. Sadly I'm also a total failure at it too. As much as I aspire to this heavenly vision of living, I must acknowledge, having two small children seems to put a bit of a crimp in this dream....more

Holidays and Business: Striking a Balance

I have a theory about why there is so much stress around the holiday season...and it holds no judgment or specific-holiday-tradition-centric connotations. Do you know what it is? ...more
Your post is spot on. I gave up my notion of "perfect" a long time ago, and that applies to ...more

#Winning & WIAW

How is everyone on this super cold day? I understand it may not be super cold where you are, and/or you may not consider 40 degrees as super cold, but my toes are frozen in my peep toe shoes. I also understand it is December, but this is New Orleans ... bring the degrees back to the 70's, please! I like being spoiled with great weather.Remember yesterday how I said I had a "graduation" from a leadership development class that I was selected to participate in? Remember how I said they were going to announce a winner of the small group non-profit projects?...more

Menu Planning for Thanksgiving

I am a list person, always jotting down recipes, ideas for my blog, shopping lists and with Thanksgiving approaching I have already started writing down my dinner menu.My menu is usually very traditional, simple and I think fairly easy to prepare. For me cooking a Turkey is about one of the easiest meals to prepare.Ok I do admit that I do feel a hint of nervousness every time I roast a Turkey, hoping that the Turkey will not be dry. Several years ago I purchased an electronic meat thermometer, which I love and is fun to watch as the Turkey cooks to the perfect temperature....more