Plants to Parrots-Shanghai Flower Market Doesn't Disappoint

Spring fever hit us hard this weekend.  BAM!  Like that f&%*ing local bus that tries to hit me every day on my morning commute.  BE NIMBLE OR DIE is my mantra.  And with sunny, 60+ degrees and somewhat blue skies (with the layer of pollution, they are never quite all blue),  we  felt revived and nimble so we shopped at a few local flower shops but decided to check out the flower market we had heard about before we purchased anything.  Dreams of lounging in Ikea patio chairs surrounded by fragrant flowering plants while enjoying a glass of win...more

Five ways to ripening garden tomatoes

With shorter days and colder nights in the Pacific Northwest, it's time to make sure your tomatoes get ripe so you can enjoy them in salads and in cooking....more

Green Thumb...Brown Thumb...What Thumb?


Talking to Plants – You are Not Nuts

Do you enjoy talking to your plants? Well, if you decide to openly state this in front of your friends or family, you might get a lot of jokes. For most people such statement might sound ridiculous, however, when it comes to facts and not just simple chit-chat – things become a little bit more complex and slightly different. But let's see why you are not nuts, when you talk to plants. Anyway, when the plants start talking back to you... well, then you have a problem....more

Can ignorance qualify as a defence?

Ever seen kids in a candy store? Mad grins plastered on their faces. Noticeable tremors coursing through their limbs in anticipation of the riches to uncover. And the glassy, slightly panicked look in their eyes….. Soooo many things to look at.How to choose?That’s me at the local nursery in the spring. Don’t be frightened. I just love to garden....more

Where I admit my horticultural shortcomings

A few posts back I talked about things I inherited from my Dad. ...more

What's Important?

I'm sure no one labors under the misapprehension that I'm a good housewife, but in case you thought I had this under control, here are some reminders.I can't grow things. Ever....more

Garden Greenhouse

A Life Full of Days......more
I'm excited for you! Congratulations, and enjoy!more

Fine Fuchsias

This spring, I was surprised to find some of my hardy fuchsias hadn't survived the harsh winter, even though some of the more tender plants like my in-ground dahlias and potted olive tree had....more

Fascination of Plants Day

I ignore most Press Releases, but the one I received yesterday is too good too miss, especially is it allows me to share the kind of plant picture I can't take myself......more