Plastic fantastic?

In my push towards a more sustainable life I’m always keen to avoid ‘single-use’ products where possible. As a result, every piece of aluminium foil in my kitchen is used multiple times, getting progressively smaller and more wrinkled until it finally enters the recycling bin. This makes good financial sense too, as I haven’t bought a new roll of the stuff for about five years. Where possible, however, I try to avoid using it at all – a Pyrex chicken roaster with a lid, for example, means that I never use a roasting tin and foil any more....more

Gifts To Reduce Plastic

If you are hanging out here in the Green section, it's likely you well understand how plastic is the enemy of the environment. So much of what we purchase these days comes packaged in this non-biodegradable material, that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is only the start of our problems....more
@Charlotte Locavore Hey Charlotte - I bought that bread bag as part of a 3-pack (as the photo ...more

A Beginner's Guide to Cloth Diapers

The Mister is starting to worry that I’m going to start hugging trees soon.  Why?  Well I breastfeed, I make my own baby food, and just today I purchased some cloth diapers.  I’m one step away from hugging the tree in my front yard everyday on my way to work....more
uhm, WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE YOU FINDING FITTEDS FOR $5-$7?! what sort of crazy illuminati black ...more

Replacing Plastics (and why it matters)

 (video source)...more

Stuff My Kids Eat - Spanish Rice

ED:  I know I just did a post last night, and I usually like to wait a couple of days so we can have a real discussion about it in the comments.  BUT, my loving husband made us some glorious Spanish rice last night, and because he's glaring gazing at me lovingly across the table because I'm hesitant always SO willing to share his literary prowess with all of you, herewith you will find his Spanish rice recipe (and his first ever guest post!):Mike's Spanish Rice...more

Farmers Markets Offerings: Local, Organic, Seasonal, in Plastic?

What's more ironic than local, organic, seasonal food encased in plastic? That's what I wondered back in 2007 when I first started my quest to eliminate unnecessary plastic from my life. A trip to my local farmers market revealed more than just fruits and vegetables. Have a look at a few photos I shot: ...more

@prophetlady  Thanks for your comment.  It's frustrating to bring my own container ...more

Zero Plastic Packaging Challenge

Have you seen Amy Gate's No Plastic Holiday Challenge?  It warms my heart when other bloggers get on the no-plastic bandwagon. A suggestion I would emphasize is to be aware of packaging and shipping materials!  It's great to choose handmade and eco-friendly gifts, but often even these come packaged in plastic.  And plastic packaging is just the kind of disposable material that is making its way to the North Pacific Gyre.  (Isn't it ironic that a material that lasts forever in the environment is so often made into single-use disposable products?) So what can we do about it? ...more

Love your inspiring ideas! You are very diligent about requesting no plastic wrap when ordering ...more

Plastic-Free Shaving, Part 1

Do I look like an antique to you? I must have been twelve or thirteen years old the first time I shaved my legs. I used my dad's safety razor, just like the one in the picture. But times have changed, and you can't buy these at the drugstore anymore. I got this one for ten dollars at a local antique store, a great way to find out how they did things in the good old pre-plastic days. I've been using this razor for nearly one month. By switching from a Venus razor to a safety razor, I am avoiding all the plastic waste from not only the cartridges, but the plastic many of them are packaged in. Click through to read more and find out where I buy plastic-free razor blades. ...more

I miss good old fashioned safety razors.

Fast ...more