Time to FACE it

 I have been reading alot about nasolabial folds lately.  Every time I google plastic surgery, that is always highlighted.  "We can fix your nasolabial folds!"  For those not as familiar with plastic surgery lingo as I am, these are the deep lines that go from your nose to your chin.  Everytime I read this I run to the mirror to see if I have folds and it appears that I do, nasolabial and otherwise....more

OMG Lindsay Lohan What Happened To Your Face? [+ SNL Promo]

Lindsay, let's be real. I am not against plastic surgery. I'd slice my baby-havin-pouch with the hideously disfigured tattoo off in a second, and I'd let them take my asymmetrical saddle bags with it. And I'm not above admitting that there used to be a small bump on my nose. But OMFG LINDSAY LOHAN...YOU LOOK LIKE MELANIE GRIFFITH AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY....more
Wow, so mean spirited and not uplifting for women. Tsk tsk.more

Discovering Latina Beauty

Introduction: ...more

Bridalplasty and Promo Codes: Don't Bargain Shop for Plastic Surgery

We all want to be fiscally responsible, but there are some things that we should not bargain-shop for. Plastic surgery is one such thing. Here, you can look at some things to consider if you're interested in having some work done. ...more
Dr. Ourian also "discovered" that Botox can be used for hair regrowth, right? I agree with ...more

"Allure Magazine's Joan Kron-Setting An Example at 86" by Tracey Jackson

JOAN KRON – SETTING AN EXAMPLE by Tracey Jackson ...more

Get Plastic Surgery…Because You’ve ‘Earned’ It. Say What?

I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I read the fashion blog penned by the infamous, unbelievably popular, Singaporean ingenue, XiaXue.  Reading her blog was hard at first, but, with enough concentration, I could ignore the author’s bleached blonde hair, baby blue contacts and unnaturally pale skin (all visible thanks to the huge self-portrait that adorns her site’s banner) and pay attention to its content.&nb...more

Hmmm, to do or not to do.....Grow old gracefully

I have never been a swan.I was always the ugly duckling and things didn't get much better the older I have become......until that is I decided some 7 years ago to see a plastic surgeon!I didn't need anything drastic, like facial implants, just a little bit off here and there. Well let me explain.God (who I do not believe in BTW) well, it was decided somewhere in my genes for me to be blessed, cursed or whatever with a nose which was far too big for my face.Not a big fat nose....more

Facelift at 50

Andrea Foreman You’re having a facelift at 50? You’ve got to be crazy!  Wait until you really need it.  C’mon, you look fine!  Why would you choose to go under the knife? Aren’t you worried about how it will turn out?  What if you hate it? These are just some of the responses I’ve received when I tell my friends and family members that I’ve decided to have a facelift....more

Does She or Doesn't She? Only Her Plastic Surgeon Knows For Sure

If you could afford it, would you do it? For me, it's not a real question since money will always be an issue, but let's make believe that you had all the money in the world. Come on, indulge the dream for just a minute and while you're at it, consider that face that greeted you in the bathroom mirror this morning. Puffy? Sad? Exhausted? Wrinkled? All of the above? How about a little botox to smooth out those frown lines?  Maybe a tiny bit of collagen, just enough to flesh out those thinning lips?...more

From Porn Stars to Sexy School Girls, Real Women Don’t Have to Look Like Male Fantasies

OK look, it is not totally the guys’ fault. Guys are easily confused when it comes to women. Any girlfriend or wife can attest to this simple fact. So it is up to us, the women, to tell the guys what is sexy or not. Yes, guys are very visual and their attraction to women who look like strippers, porn stars or sexy, school girls is well-documented, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they want all of us to strut around looking like that. Those kinds of looks are for male fantasies, not for reality, at least not any lasting reality....more

I was wondering the same thing about whether men would agree. I need to figure out a good site ...more