"'Bridalplasty' brings together engaged women who are seeking complete image transformations before their big day -- they want the dream wedding AND the dream body to go along with it." "Bridalplasty" will be the first American reality show to have participants compete for plastic surgery. There have been shows about people having plastic surgery, but in "Bridalplasty," it's the prize -- pushing the limits of medical ethics. Under the American Society of Plastic Surgeons code of ethics, "We're technically prohibited from giving procedures away as a prize for a contest....more

I think "preying" is absolutely right. I'm sad to read about this reality show, but not ...more

Can't Stand The Hate: Cutting BridalPlasty Down To Size

Kristy is an occasional guest blogger for The Demoiselles and a member of the TD community (moniker “Owl“); an opinionated 20-whatever-something who can’t seem to shut up about feminist, queer, and fat issues; a Tumbl-er who posts pretty things, funny things, random things and her personal theology (Owls & Elephants); a damn good baker and a shitty knitter....more

Ageing: the natural or artificial way?

I’m not going to get into the issue of why I want to look my best as I age here. I don’t want to have a Naomi Wolf Beauty Myth – beauty as patriarchal oppression – versus Camille Paglia Sexual Personae – that women are biologically bound by their reproductive powers – debate here. I admit it, I’m a contradictory mix of the two, who incidentally both describe themselves as feminists....more

Yep, it's always good to feel good about yourself, but not to bow to pressure, wherever it comes ...more

In Sickness and In Rhinoplasty: Bridalplasty Marks a New TV Low, So Sign Me Up!

Do any of my people know any people at E! cable television network?  Because I want an audition, stat, for the most amazing, horrific, Frankenstein mash-up reality show competition to occur in these few precious months before the end of civlization:  Bridalplasty! ...more
No, I'd never watch it. When I remarried I was a 39-year-old widow with three kids. I figured my ...more

Parenthood versus Childfree Part IV

Now for the fourth area from Alison Cameron’s article, “Do children really make us happy?...more

Fake boobs are like, so passé...

I was tickled pink to stumble across this article in the New York Post proclaiming that big, fake boobs are now considered a "joke". Thank God.  ...more

Skincare in Your 40s, 50s, and Beyond

In my previous two posts about caring for your skin at different life stages I emphasized the need to gently wash your face every night, use skincare products with antioxidants in them, exfoliate regularly, and use a retinoid product.  And of course you are still using your sunscreen daily and remembering to reapply. ...more

Less Breast = Fuller Life! -Surgeon and Procedure

The more I've considered reconstructing my nipples, as opposed to skin grafting them, the more I like the idea.  I worry about the ethics of getting areolas tattooed on, and I ask the opinions of others who share my values and beliefs.  The answer is unanimous:  Go for it!  Having a free nipple graft will increase the amount of work of caring for the wound, dressing it, and making sure my darlings don't bump or smash it.  And after a few weeks of that, heaven forbid I might lose some or all of them anyway! ...more

Less Breast = Fuller Life! -Insurance & Surgeons

Saturday, February 20, 2010 Today is actually Day 5 of my recovery.  But I want to tell the whole story, because I've been in active pursuit of this surgery since September 2009, and the insurance approval was a little bit of a bumpy battle.  This is a novel of a monologue, but for those seeking an insurance-covered breast reduction, I'm going to post it anyway.  The process of choosing a plastic surgeon, getting insurance approval, etc. etc. ...more

On Aging– Hopefully Gracefully

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. – Mark Twain If there’s one thing that no one in this world is exempt from, no matter how rich, how poor, how thin, how nice, how evil, how generous, WHATEVER… it’s AGING. Yes, we are all aging. And we are all fighting it at the exact same rate as the next person. Some will age better, some worse, but it’s a process we all must face whether we like it or not....more


That's just the starting point of maturing. You're right about eating well, proper ...more