Why You Can Never Be Plastic-Free

Let's be real. Plastic is really good for some things, like convenience, medical supplies, electronics, dirty diapers, etc. But no one argues that it's good for the earth. So what do we do? How do we avoid it? ...more

Could You Go a Whole Year With Only Five Pounds of Plastic Trash?

What if you were told you were only allowed to generate five pounds of plastic trash this year? And what if that five pounds had to include both your recyclable AND non-recyclable plastic? Could you do it? How would you live? According to reports from the Environmental Protection Agency (PDF) and the California Integrated Waste Management Board (PDF), the average American generates between 88 and 128 pounds of plastic trash (before recycling) per year. ...more

Those are really cool SS straws!  Never heard of them.  Now gotta get ...more