Feeling Like a Stranger in a Strange Land

So here I am at BlogHer jumping in with both feet on day one. I know I'm blogging everyday over at my main blog, BulgingButtons, but what on earth am I doing here? I've already linked today's content, but then what? Do I repost it here? I'm so confused!I love the idea of reaching a wider audience for my blog. I know I'm not alone... there are lots of people like me that can relate to my trials and tribulations, and even if they don't share my particulars, they can at least appreciate my ups and downs....more

Is Nevada GOP Courting Women by Dropping Opposition to Abortion, Gay Marriage?

Could the Nevada Republican platform be a bellwether of the GOP making its big tent more welcoming to women and gays? Nevada Republican Party conventioneers on Saturday adopted a platform without opposition to abortion and gay marriage - a landmark victory for party moderates who view the party as needing a more populist position to remain competitive with voters....more

Building A Platform Without Personal Pain

As writers, we are all encouraged to develop a platform—an online presence to help us market our work. But there can be a dark side to platform building that the experts rarely address....more

No One Gives a Shit. (Here's How to Make Them.)

In the great wide world of the Internet, people simply don’t give a shit. Not about:YouYour platformYour feelingsYour talentHow hard you tryHow much time you put inSorry. A little tough love, my friends.And yet here we all are, trying to build these platforms, build some kind of audience to make our creations matter.The good news is that people DO care. They just care about the things relevant to them. They want to:...more

GOP Platform: Anti-Abortion, No Exceptions

Once again, the GOP is preparing to add an anti-abortion plank to its official party platform that will be announced at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next week. According to CNN, a draft of the platform includes: ...more
Extreme is that abortion is promoted as choice for any reason what so ever.  Let's leave rape ...more

Manifesto: I Am Not a Brand

I am not saying that it is a bad or dishonest thing to try to sell your work. It is not. What I am saying is that I am tired of the rush to commodify everything, to turn everything into products, including people. I don’t want a brand, because a brand limits me. A brand says I will churn out the same thing over and over. ...more
So refreshing to read this! I'm an artist & write a blog which I love writing for its own sake ...more

How to Get Published, Part 2: Are You Ready to Be an Author?

Welcome back to the How to Get Published Series. Okay, so what do you need to have in place before you start trying to find an agent or a publisher? ...more
Melissa!  I'm only two in and I can't believe how generous and informative this is!  THANK YOU, ...more