Graphic (Dress) Design.

Welcome to summer! Officially, officially....more

Super Platforms.

Nothing like meeting up with a friend you haven't seen in ages and discovering your bond is still strong....more

So Many Challenges, So Little Time

Author, poet, freelancerTaking up the gauntlet can get you hurt, at least as far as your current work is concerned. Knowing that and preparing for it doesn't change the impact any. I've seen in four days just what that impact can do for someone, like me, who just can't leave well enough alone.I have trouble passing up a challenge. Okay, so call it what it is--I can't stand being "dared" to do something. These constant challenges are just that--dares. ...more
Hi Claudsy: That was a tiring read indeed. Might I add a "mea culpa" as well as I have started ...more

Poetry Run Amok

Author, poet, freelancerWhen challenges gather at your door like so many children, with their hands outstretched for treats, daring you to refuse so that trickery can commence, a writer sometimes quails in her slippers. How many challenges are too many for a person to tackle? How many are too few? Does anyone keep track of how many someone does try to do in a given month? How many ways can you combine challenges to spread out some of the load?...more
I think I might have to drop to my knees and bow to you! That is a lot of challenges! Way to go! ...more

It's in Style and You Hate It (I'm Talking to You, Kitten Heels)

If you're over 15 and have any interest at all in fashion, I've got some bad news: a style you hate is due to be revived. I know this because I've seen a lot of style revivals -- so many that I'm amazed that they can still take me by surprise. These days, the revival that's making me shudder is the Mad Men-inspired return of kitten heels. I hate them. I'm seeing a kitten-heeled future, and it fills me with a nameless dread. But I won't panic. Here's why: ...more

I adore kitten heels--though thankfully, fall has arrived and I can store my kitten heels until ...more

fantasy friday: fendi + tulle

(from 20somethingcupcakes)  I think I've died and gone to Fendi ballerina heaven....more

Gucci Helena Boots

(from Fantasy Friday on 20somethingcupcakes) I came across this ad the other day, and nearly died. D-I-E-D....more