Are You Competitive? Wanna Play?

Posted on August 21, 2013I’ve lived and breathed competitive sports for most of my life, but I’m surprisingly not that competitive....more

Why unstructured play is better than OK

It seems like everyone I know has their kids in t-ball, soccer camp, piano or music camp this summer. I blame Facebook. After all, 10 years ago we wouldn't have known what 100 of our friends were doing every second of every day (and you know they only post the best moments of their lives). ...more

Do Kids Still Chase Butterflies?

Today I noticed a Facebook post about talking into the fan “to hear my robot voice,” complete with a picture of a windblown little girl facing a fan and either talking or singing. That is, if robots sing. “Admit it…we all did this,” the caption concludes. Duly admitted. However, my life partner says he never did any such thing. Perhaps that’s because he grew up mostly in Alaska, where fans aren’t a common household appliance. I grew up in humid South Jersey, where fans helped us believe we weren't actually melting. ...more
They do when you kick them off the computer and tv.  I'm always amused by how the silly rhymes ...more

Deliciously Fun Lemonade Swirl Play Dough

I found the perfect way to cure the blahs -- Lemonade Swirl Play-dough! This sweet & summery play-dough is a pleasing treat for gray winter days. ...more

"From Work to Play" [What to Wear]

Mornin' Farmers

They come from a long line of carpet farmers, these boys....more

10 Beautiful & Natural Toys for Children

 Okay, I'll admit it:  I'm a 30-year-old grown woman and I absolutely love toys....more
Thanks!  So glad you found some new stuff! Yay! :)more