Parenting Network= Invaluable!

After a great morning with local friends (kids and moms), and a great moms night out earlier this week :-)... I am reminded just how invaluable a parenting network is.  I am eternally grateful for the wonderful families we've met and friendships we've made thus far in our parenting journey.  Knowing that someone will bring us a meal when we're in need, or watch our kids in a pinch, and having great people to do activities with is amazing!...more

Mom v. Mom: When Do You Let It Go?

A weird thing happened during a recent play dat...more

Whirlwind weekend.

Whirlwind weekend. It was a whirlwind of a weekend loaded with nursing home stays, a crazy cat, softball cancellations, and visits to others. I am now back at work in my cozy little office, and it has started off as another extremely busy week. My boss will be very happy with all the new business we are writing. It seems the economy is finally starting to turn in our favor. ...more

Momma's Dirt

So I guess it's the cool new thing to have those vodka laced play dates. You know, the ones you only hear about on the news...the ones where the moms sip martinis while the kids play with their blocks. No longer is it cool to be a conservative mom -- it's hip to let loose. ...more