Eatin' A Lady Out: You're Doin' It Wrong

Recently, I was hanging with some friends. We'd just finished dinner and some drinks, and walked back to one of their houses to hang on the porch...and check out the bags of Playboys from the 80's and 90's that had recently been found and saved from a dumpster. Super awesome time, my friends, super awesome time.Here is a question and answer from The Playboy Advisor in the March 1995 issue (page 36): ...more

Placing Bets on Women Getting Naked

I know that Irish people like to bet, especially on horse-races. But here's something different: Irish bookmakers are taking bets on who will be the next Irish woman to appear naked in "Playboy" magazine.  This follows the appearnce of Irish model Rosanna Davison (a former Miss World) in the magazine's German edition this month....more

State of the Sex: How Do You Compare to the Stats?

In 1983, after surveying the sexual habits of 65,396 male and 14,928 female readers, Playboy magazine published their report. Not long after in January of 1984, Apple released the Macintosh, which would become the first commercially successful personal computer. It’s been 28 years and in that time, technology hasn’t only advanced: it’s become an integral part of our existence. ...more

Actually, according to the chart, what we can infer is that the conservatives surveyed tend to ...more