Grateful Monday-What are you grateful For?*

Quite simply, today (and her I am speaking for myself and Bryan,) we are grateful to be alive.  Yesterday, was a strange day to say the least.  A beautiful celebration of our daughters’ 8th birthday…...more
Oh my gosh. I hate it when cars go upside down. I'm so glad you're all ok.more

Grateful Monday: What Are You Creating?

What Are You Creating?*This isn’t a direct answer to the chosen question here, but to start, I just want to say that I am very grateful for this past holiday weekend that afforded me and my family some much needed downtime!  We made the most of our time together eating (of course!,) enjoying the great outdoors, taking in a movie, and, I for one, took the opportunity to disconnect from technology for the weekend, which was unusual and very relaxing!...more

Grateful Monday-What Are You Grateful For?*

Yes, the classic Grateful Monday question.  Nothing else would have made sense for Thanksgiving week, right?...more

Grateful Monday: What is Your Dream?

 What Is Your Dream?* My dream is that the trajectory of our world shifts in a major way.  That a sustainable future for all becomes the highest value.  That those that ‘have’ use their resources for the good of all and that those that ‘don’t have’ are given the means to live with dignity and peace.  My dream is that being kind, generous and giving becomes a higher priority than being powerful, dominant and right.  That barriers of all kinds (race, religion, sex, politics,) give way to Oneness.  ...more

Grateful Monday: What Do You Love About the Sun?

What Do You Love About the Sun?*Today, what I love about the sun was the warmth it provided on a mid-October, early release from school Monday!  To put things in context, although we live in California, we live in a coastal climate where the average temperature never goes above 69 degrees.  So, a day like today ~~ that reached 88 degrees, well it is unusual to say the least, and very welcome! ...more

Grateful Monday Post: What are you in Service to?

What Are You In Service To?*...more

Grateful Monday Post: What are you doing to take care of yourself today?!

How Can You Take Care of Yourself Today?*I realized two things as I got up this morning. #1, it is Monday, and Mondays are tricky in my world. And, #2, I am still a little “off,”, with an odd ‘sort of sick, sort of not,’ but definitely not feeling 100% well physically.  Together, these two factors could potentially make for a super stressful day for me....more

Grateful Monday Post: What Impact do you have your your Community?

What Impact Do You Have On Your Community?* Ah, this is one of those super uncomfortable questions for me to answer. Why? I don’t know why. Theories abound. It’s not polite to pump oneself up … it’s immodest … women are self-effacing … I have low self-esteem issues … WHATEVER! Really, it doesn’t matter so much, except for me to realize that OF COURSE I have some impact on my community, so now can I look to see where that impact is positive and simply OWN that?...more

Grateful Monday! What Are you having a Breakthrough In?

What Are You Having a Breakthrough In?...more

Catching up on some Gratitude!!!

What are you relishing?...more