6 Months In Photos

6 months ago there was a celebration of Baby's birth! Since that time so much has happened. Baby has learned so much, grown a ton, and as parents we've just gone with it. But, in honor of him being 6 months old, I thought I'd post pictures of his journey thus far.At birth, he looked like this. From the moment he was born, Hun said that Baby looked just like me. As time goes on, and other people mention the same, I am now convinced of the truth....more

Guest Post - Five Great Outside Ideas

Today I am lucky enough to have a guest post detailing how to make your own outdoor experiences educational and unique from Allison Moody.____One of the problems parents today have to deal with is how to motivate their children to spend more time in creative activities, as opposed to playing computer games and spending too much time inside.Good thing about schools is that teachers stimulate the children’s creativity with different...more

Kids Create Joy!

This piece of artwork was beckoning to the children at the French Festival.  Why? Oh,You can’t see it all!  It has an awesome tail! It SCREAMS slide!!!...more

"I don't wanna play."

Parenting has been full of surprises.  From "Wow, I've never seen that color of poop before!" to "How are you awake right now?  It's 4:00am!", I'm constantly amazed by new things about my kids.  Some of them are really sweet surprises, such as the first time they say "I love you, Mommy!" or begin giving spontaneous hugs.  Others are not so sweet, like the unexpected meltdowns over M&M's in a crowded store or discovering your child picked up an unsavory word or phrase....more

Study: Nearly Half of US Pre-Schoolers Don’t Play Outdoors

A recent study that worked with nearly 9,000 US children found that 49% of them don't go outside to play. This is true even after 93% of the moms said they considered their neighborhood safe. On the flip-side, 44% of moms and 24% of dads mentioned they take their children outside to walk at least once a day.Shocked with the 49% stats? So are we....more
 @JennaHatfield Thanks for the link, Jenna! And I grew up in our backyard so I know how great it ...more

Thankful Thursday

I love to do Thankful Thursday posts each week.  This week I was thankful for some things that happened at the waterpark...  Boy, is my little girl daring for a 3 year old!Read why... ~OneMommy...more

Play On

by Lianne Castelino www.whereparentstalk.com ...more

Playtime for Ruby and Charlie

Now that it is summer time, we are spending more time outside after dinner. Having the extended daylight certainly encourages more playtime outside when it cools down a little bit. Although down here it can still be 80+ degrees at 8pm. After dinner Charlie, Ruby and I head out into the backyard to work off some excess energy. Well, the two of them do. I sit on the deck with my camera, Diet Dr. Pepper, and occasionally a book. Charlie throws the Frisbee, Ruby chases it, and then Charlie chases her. The two of them can run around like this for an hour!...more

I'm Supposed to Play with These Kids?

I actually considered not writing this, even though I felt compelled to do so. Because this borders a little too closely on something I may want to pretend doesn’t exist. Something I may deny. Something my ego hates to admit. Most of the time, I pretty much can’t stand playing with my kids....more
ha! I just wrote a similar post, although not written as bluntly as you. But, I feel the same ...more