5 Reasons It's Great for Kids to Grow Up in a Messy House

On a daily basis, our messy house really depresses me. I mean, before I had kids, I was a clean person. How did I let this happen? I just can't seem to keep up with the mess—and my kids (and husband, let's be honest) are like the worst, most disgruntled maid service you would ever want to have. I knew something had to change, but what? Teach our dogs to take out the garbage? Buy a fleet of Roombas and have them constantly bumping into our ankles? As it turns out, the only thing I had to change was my perspective. ...more
Ha Ha. I'm going to save this and share it with my adult children. I need my own documentation ...more

Couples Therapy or Horse Agility?


Game Face

My husband, Marc, is the youngest of three children.  Growing up, one of his siblings was fiercely competitive when it came to playing all games....more

Wine + Hullabaloo = Party!!

Tonight with dinner my husband poured me a glass of wine, that usually means he’s looking to get lucky…terrible, I know. That is a whole other topic entirely…stay focused. So as I finished my glass of wine the dinner conversation at the table just got better and better and I found myself just laughing for no real reason. My sneaky husband generously re-filled my glass while I was making my 13th trip to the kitchen for who knows what! ...more