Mel's Spring Cleaning Playlist and Free Cleaning Checklist Printable

Rabbit! Rabbit! Mel’s Spring Cleaning Playlist and Free Cleaning Checklist PrintableApril 1, 2016 Rabbit! Rabbit!...more

13 Holiday Playlist Must Haves

 13 Holiday Playlist Must HavesDECEMBER 5, 2015 by MARY ALVAREZ filed under: DECORATING AND INSPIRATIONS, ...more

Make a Sexy Music Playlist - A Simple Way to Energize Your Sex Life

You know those days when you want/plan/hope to do something fun and sexy with your husband, but by the end of the day sex is at the bottom of your to-do list and falling fast?  Here's a little trick I learned recently that can help  keep your mind revved up for sex, even in the middle of crazy days - make a sexy music playlist and listen to it throughout the day.  Music that energizes you and makes you feel sexy can go a long way in counteracting the libido-suppressing effects of the daily grind!  Her...more

Celebrating the Diverse Women of Indie Music

I—like many of us here at LD—am a big fan of women in indie music. Jenny Lewis, Lady Lamb, and lots of other brilliantly talented ladies with flawless bangs rank among my all-time favorite artists, and were originally to be included when I decided to make a playlist of women in the indie scene that everyone should be paying attention to....more

Punky Mom Mixtape – Fall Music Playlist

Happy Fall ya’ll! Hopefully for some of you, the leaves are changing and the weather is starting to cool off. I definitely look forward to this time of year. We are starting to create special “mixtapes” on Spotify for our punkies to enjoy. Here are some tracks to help your house get in the mood. We call it autumn over here in England, but it will always be fall music to me....more

Road Trip or Chilling? Your Weekend Playlist

 It’s Friday again and that means 'get your groove on'. This weekend I'm going on a road trip to the river, which means I want a chill-sing-out-loud-gender-friendly playlist. Hope you love our 'road trip playlist' full of  sweet tunes.1. Riptide - Vance Joy...more

6 "Get Out" Songs for Teachers to Mentally Sing When Kicking a Student Out

For many of my dear friends, it is that time of year. Yes, teachers, I am talking to you. And yes... school is starting - or worse - has started....more

On Repeat: Songs I Listen to Again and Again

Every time. Every single time. Perhaps because they're beautiful, meaningful, perfect. Or because they speak to my heart. Maybe because they draw out a deliciously aching, perfectly wistful, sweetly nostalgic feeling of longing. Or because they explode with joy and triumph and make me want to dance. Because of this, and this, and this, it's impossible for me to listen just once... I am greedy, I want more, and so I must go back for seconds. ...more
You should do it! Songlists are always fun. :)more

ipod, Nook & Playlist keep me moving!

As many of you know a new job can be all consuming; learning about the new company, researching, scheduling meetings and showing up every day with a big smile and a positive attitude. Last May I embarked on a new job and although I may have neglected posting on my blog over the last several months, one thing I continue to do is workout 4 to 5 times a week.   ...more Oh PUHLEAZE!!!!more

What’s On Your Lullabye Playlist?

I’m not a major music buff or anything but, like pretty much everyone else on earth, I have playlists for a wide variety of occasions.  I’ve got a playlist for exercising, a playlist for long road trips, a playlist for getting ready to go out on a Saturday night (haven’t heard THOSE tunes in a few years.....more
 @victorias_view aww, sweet! definitely a good one for me to add to the mix! Thanks, Victoria! ...more