Playroom Makeover: Stroller Savvy Edition

Before we had kids, we swore we would not be those people with too many toys. Alas, 4 Christmases, 6 birthday parties, numerous yard sales and countless hand-me-downs later, we are.When we moved into our new house, we knew the bonus room would be the perfect play space for our kiddos and their friends. We dumped the majority of our toys in there and it quickly became just that…. a dump.Find out what we did to remedy the situation here:...more

Craft Supplies Organization

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your weekend was great!  Ours was spent mostly indoors as we got a ton of rain!...more

Playrooms Are For Parents, Not Kids

Originally Published On Pecked To Death By ChickensMy family recently moved, and one of my must-haves for the rental house was a playroom.  My reasons were very selfless and practical.  For instance, I wanted to....more

Welcome to My House: Playroom

Welcome to My House: Playroom One thing I love about bloggers (maybe you hate it) is when they open their homes up on their blog. I'm going to do this from time to time (it's not going to be something that I say I'm going to do every week)....more

Tips for Easy Toy and Playroom Organization

While I may be a terrible decorator, I am an avid organizer.  I like cute little baskets and putting like things together and finding a home for everything....more

Refabbed! Playroom Lamp

After DIY'ing some fun new orange tables for the playroom in our house I needed a new lamp. I wanted something inexpensive since there was a strong possibility it might have toys, books, or even my child flying through the air at it! After my research revealed that what I had in mind would be out of my price range I headed to goodwill and took the DIY route instead of buying brand new.  Check out the rest and see if you can tell the difference between $100+ lamps and mine $24 refab!
I always forget that lamps can be spray painted. Always.more

The Negative Effects of Too Many Toys and What To Do About It

We've all been there and thought the same thing, "These kids have too many toys!"  Whether after a "quick" visit to Target or a long day of picking up toys, today's parents find themselves struggling against the never ending onslaught of toys and their no-so-subtle marketing minions.  Whether spoiled by grandparents or the recipient of countless hand-me-downs, a new study funded by the US government, scientifically proves that our kids do in fact have too many toys....more

The dealings with general uncleanliness

Lord knows I try, really I do. I threaten, I scream, I plead, I beg, I demand, I reason, I order, I compromise, I donate. Our house is being overrun buy children's playthings. ...more