"You Did WHAT to Our Playroom, Mama?"

When we moved into this house, I was thrilled to have the extra bedroom for no reason other than my vivid dreams of a living room with no toys. As many of you may guess, this was only a figment of my imagination - a house with children equals a house full of toys. So although I adored the intentions of shelves lined with blocks and a space to call their own, my children ended up doing the opposite of what I had in mind. Instead of toys all over my house, I now had toys all over my house. Wait, what? Oh, and a completely underused room....more
Thank you! herdaily  @Chelle Newton no you aren't crazy. It's the same room but yes, when I ...more

New Words to be added to the Webster Dictionary: My Recommendations

Webster Dictionary recently released the words from 2012 which will be added to the Webster dictionary. These include aha moment, mash up (courtesy of Glee perhaps?), and my personal favorite, f-bomb (how was this only added now?!)....more

Designing a playroom that empowers your kids

A successful playroom for children not only keeps clutter in check, but provides a space that empowers kids to learn and imagine. I think we can all agree that we learn the most from multi-sensory experiences -- within environments that encourage us to see, smell, listen, touch....more