How to Multiply Your Orgasms with Sex Toys

Any orgasm is a good orgasm, but, let's face it, some are better than others. Have you learned what it takes to get your orgasms to go from satisfying to off-the-chart? Getting to know yourself through masturbation can help you achieve even better orgasms with your partner. ...more
Cheers to the healthy, happy  glow!more

Faking Orgasm: Sex Is About the Journey as Much as the Destination

A lot of women fake orgasms. This is a concern for men, but hounding someone about whether or not they're orgasming is not going to help them get there any faster. Also, the emphasis placed on climax has the disastrous effect of focusing people solely on the destination, which leads them to forget that a big part of sex is the journey. ...more

On shaved legs and bed sheets

I love the Self-Discovery Word by Word series that Blogher is doing. So I thought I'd jump on board. Why not?...more

(REVIEW) Sex After 50: For Pamela Madsen, It's Shameless

Is there good sex after 50? Hell yeah! And if anyone wants a front-row seat at a roller-coaster ride of sexual energy and discovery, the book to glom onto is Shameless, just out from Rodale Press and by Pamela Madsen. Shameless is the story of Madsen’s post-marriage, post-40s, sexual reawakening, a journey that started with some very awkward (and oily) massages and culminated in trips to Arizona and California to explore tantra, spanking and BDSM. ...more

A Divorce of Purchase and Pleasure


Eeeek... I'm giving birth!!

Live. Now.

Instead of getting in line to buy a toaster oven at 4AM on this day after Thanksgiving, we slept in, had a leisurely breakfast with family and friends, and just returned from a peaceful stroll at the museum. Trust us, it was the perfect antidote to yesterday's chaos!  It also reminded us about the simple pleasures we discuss in our upcoming book Bitches on a Budget, and about an exhibit we recently visited at the National Portrait Gallery....more


So true. Too much Tiger, not enough heart.

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Daylight Stupid Time

Fall behind should be known as "Fall on Your Behind" because the time change causes  a state of national jet lag....more

Vampire Fiction Is Popular Because Straight Women Secretly Want Gay Men? I Don't Think So.

Last week, Stephen Marche, author of Esquire's A Thousand Words About Our Culture column, regaled us with his latest epiphany: “Vampires have overwhelmed pop culture because young straight women want to have sex with gay men.” ...more

I think it is a mark of the  Western world view that any man who displays behavior ...more

Drunk on You: Alcohol Disinhibits, But At What Cost?

Recently, Femfresh, a company that manufactures feminine hygiene products, conducted a survey of 3,000 women in the United Kingdom between the ages of 18 and 50 and found that 75 percent of those who responded prefer to have sex after drinking. According to the results, the average respondent had had eight sexual partners, been drunk with five of them, and couldn't remember the names of two. A total of 150 women admitted they couldn't have sex sober. ...more

Women are under a lot of pressure from society to NOT do what they want to do with their own ...more