Middle Ground Women

Have you heard of middle ground women?Every so often someone from the fashion and beauty industry makes“groundbreaking history” and features a non-traditional model in their ads and campaigns. We’re all supposed to feel quite impressed by their willingness to reach out their hand to “real women”. Brava....more

back to black: houndstooth fall fashion for plus sizes

I love wearing black. As an introvert, I've never liked drawing a lot of attention to my appearance. Wearing black makes it easy to look polished and occasion-appropriate with minimal effort, blending into the crowd in a chic rather than meek way. Houndstooth is a popular fall fashion trend once again this year, which just makes it easier for me to find fun items I'd wear anyway. Below are a few of my top picks for plus size houndstooth (and similar) prints this fall....more

Plaid: The Key To My Heart

Plaid is EVERYTHING this fall, and I am loving it! ...more
Hah. I thought of you when I first saw this post. - Denisemore

Weekend Wear Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

The weekend brings occasions to let down your hair and relax, but it also ushers in afternoon gatherings in the fall and nights on the town with friends and significant others. Wearing clothing that's fashion forward, comfortable, and flattering helps make your weekend outings even more enjoyable by boosting your confidence. Check out these practical tips for plus size women who want to look beautiful every weekend....more

Swimsuits for Curvy Girls

 Happy Monday! Mondays are hard, y'all. But every Monday, you can bet on something great from Curvy Moi to help the day be just a bit better!Now I know you're wondering how swimsuits can possibly be good, right? Never fear - I come in peace....more

Plus Size & Beautiful

Too many of us live in a world that reflects ourselves with an image we believe true even if the mirror shows otherwise. Come on let's be real most of us have mastered the art of the "Up Shot" we look oh I'd say about 10-25 punds thinner based on the angle of the photo.I do understand it makes us feel better, but I think we forget we really do not look that way because we are so used to seeing ourselves in this image. Hey don't get me wrong I'll be the first to admit I can look about three sizes smaller in photos. But why do we do this?...more

Abbey Post's Plus Size Photo Shoot

Every job has its perks. As a barista you may get unlimited coffee, as a consultant you have a ridiculous number of airline miles, and as a Mom you receive frequent free hugs (and gooey things).  The world of fashion isn't really always as glamorous as it appears to be, but there's one job requirement that we can't wait to jump out of bed to attend... a Photo shoot!...more

Celeb Inspiration! Best Hairstyles for Round Faces and Plus Size Women

You can’t always rely on your hairdresser to know what works best for your round face. My own hairdresser talked me into a short-on-the-sides style right after I’d gained some weight, and my new ‘do made my cheeks look giant. It’s bad enough when a too-tight pair of pants makes you look bigger than you really are, but a haircut? ...more

Curvy girlz can shop online!

As women with curves we know shopping for clothes is not easy. Most apparel for plus size woman SUCKS!!. Retailers and designers tend to put us in outfits that are shapeless or have lots of big flowers, poke a dots and shiny things....more

On Being Plus Size

So Rebecca Hains posted on her blog about plus size clothing about how it costs more to buy than normal sized clothing. She asked us, her readers, what we thought about it, if it's right. She even talked to someone in the field of clothing design about what goes into the process. Basically she states that what we plus sized women are paying for isn't more fabric like most people think....more