Vive Le Plus Revolution!!

So on November 15th I will be live blogging from the On The Curve: The Time is Now fashion show. Going to a Plus Sized fashion show will be a first for me, so it will definitely be an experience! In the meantime.... ...more

Is there a Fashion Expert on Plus Sizes in the House?

Fashionable Plus Sizes Conversation with hubby from 2 weeks ago. "That's cute" he says while pointing in the window of New York & Company.This coming from hubs who hates shopping and couldn't buy himself a shirt if he only had two to choose from."Sure it's cute, just like babies, kittens and miniature whatevers."...more

Thank you for the great suggestions and the support! and yes, I am definitely my toughest critic!more

Plus Size Clothing: The Internet is Your Personal Stylist

I love fashion magazines; I like nothing better at the end of a long day than to curl up in bed with Vogue or InStyle and admire all the pretty things. I'm currently smitten by the gown in the Bottega Veneta ads, although they are both beyond my price range and out of my league. Fashion magazines, as Tim Gunn says, are aspirational -- they're not realistic in the least.Still, it's fun to look....more

just thank you so much for this post. I guess I'm still a bit too emotionally depressed about ...more