Pluto - Today is the Day!

Photo courtesy of NASAAmazing! Nine years and 3 billion miles later, NASA's New Horizons Probe Instagram's us a picture, of Pluto.Photo courtesy of NASA...more

Sun into Scorpio – Its Gonna Be Intense!

Potent, powerful, persistent, passionate OR, stubborn, secretive, sensitive, sensual. (I sort of exhausted all my S’s and P’s) I couldn’t decide on which group of adjectives to use for the mysterious 8th sign if the Zodiac. I’ve decided that it isn’t an either / or, the depth and strength of this Water sign can handle all descriptions. The Sun will heat and be heated by its Scorpio transit beginning on Monday October 22, 2012....more

Astrology: Intense Scorpio New Moon October 26, 2011

The Sun moved into Water sign Scorpio on Sunday 10/23/11 and on Wednesday, 10/26/11, it will be the New Moon’s turn. Since both the Sun and the Lunar orb are in the same sign, (which is what makes the Moon phase “New”), all the emotional, sensitive vibes of this 8th sign of the Zodiac are powered up, intensified – think feelings, changing moods. ...more

Astrology: Scorpio Sun 10/23/11 - Seductive, Sensual, Sizzling!

The Scorpio Sun can infuse us with passion and focus to get projects accomplished, snare that love interest and drill down thru any mysteries that need to be solved. (Think “determination”) Due to the characteristic sensitivity and emotionality of Water signs, Scorpio’s power will not be served distant and cold – there will be drama, there will be depth. Scorpio heat arrives on Sunday October 23, 2:30PM Eastern / 11:30AM Pacific.  ...more

Astrology: Emotional, Intense Scorpio Moon Rules the Weekend

Early Friday morning, 8/5/11, a Scorpio Moon sends us into determined, sensitive, moody territory. Always passionate, always powerful, this Water sign is ruled by Pluto, planet of extremes. Secrets, long hidden truths can be uncovered leading to deeper connections with others. This can be great or not. Remain aware of emotional temperatures, if heading toward the “Red Zone” – brake, if you want to....more
LOL! Maybe the better option is to plump myself by the lake with a good book and hope a grizzly ...more

Astrology: Sun Powers into Scorpio Saturday 10/23/10

The Scorpio Sun arrives on Saturday October 23rd (8:35AM EDT/ 5:35AM PDT) and can infuse us with passion and force to get projects accomplished, capture that love interest and drill down thru any mysteries that need to be solved. (Think “determination”) ...more

Pluto In Capricorn: A Zodiac In Revolution

Just because Pluto transitioned from "planet" to "minor planet 134340" back in 2006, don't think Pluto's astrological influence has been downgraded. In fact, as though to prove its ongoing relevance, Pluto will be provoking sizable transition across the zodiac, beginning this Friday, January 25th. ...more