Four Years of Crafting and Gardening at BlogHer: My Favorite Posts

We are celebrating five years of BlogHer (and have you contributed to #blogher5 yet?) As one of the original contributing editors, I've been writing here since January, 2006. In a reflective mood, I read back through the four years of posts and found repeated themes, favorite posts, and much to remember: ...more

That was a great one. I followed along to brush up on my fundamentals. Thanks!


The Flu Can Impact a Small Business: Some Tips to Limit the Pain

The recession and slower sales may prompt many small business owners and self-employed professionals to go to work if they have flu symptoms. In a downturn, going to the office and ‘working through the pain’ may not be the smart business move according to one health expert.  Dr. Mary Capelli-Schellpfeffer, medical director of Loyola University Health System Occupational Health Services, advises people who come to work sick are more likely to hinder than help their company. ...more

Why car dealerships won’t be good ol’ boys clubs much longer.

Ladies: Do you hate buying a car or even walking into a dealership because it’s like walking into the good ol’ boy club? ...more

Crafty Podcasts: Listen to your Art...

It happens every year at this time: while I run low on crafty inspiration, I also run low on time to read through the thousand of crafty blogs. I want thought and inspiration fed to me; I want it to fit into my schedule. I want craft podcasts. I still have my favorites; those podcasts that I check on throughout the year because I love them so: ...more

A 1988 Template Into The Future – Educational Trends

I was about 10 years old. I had just finished a science fiction story that had flying cars, food everywhere and dome housing. I wanted to know if I had a chance to see it in person.  I added my current age decade by decade until I hit 2008. I couldn’t get that old, could I? ...more

Medical Doctors treat symptoms and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine treat the whole body system ...more

DonorsChoose Campaign: Building Gardens, Building Communities

When I was asked to choose DonorsChoose Challenge project, I immediately knew I had to pick something to do with gardening. Children can benefit from the physical activity of working in a small garden plot; growing their own vegetables encourages children to eat them; and gardening is just plain FUN! ...more

And The Winner Is........

With so much doom and gloom in the press these days, it's great to have a fun story to share. What could be more exciting than giving away a $100,000 business makeover package to a small business owner? That's exactly what I got to do this week in Washington DC at the NFIB 2008 Small Business Summit: Stronger Together. ...more

BlogHer Business '08 Podcasts

The BlogHer Business '08 podcasts are here! Thanks to our friends at ListenShare, we are now able to offer you complete podcasts of BlogHer Business '08 sessions. Click here to access the podcasts. The podcasts are also available in iTunes (you will need to have iTunes on your computer in order for this link to work): ...more

Should profs podcast?

This afternoon I sat in on a presentation by a vendor that supplies hardware and software that records college and university instructors' lectures. The software produces not only podcasts, but also enhanced podcasts (with slides) and videocasts. The packages the vendor offers come with many bells and whistles, and I was impressed that one of the reps has a Ph.D. in educational technology and offered to help the institution collect and analyze data on any services the university purchased. At the same time, I've been working with some absolutely brilliant women bloggers on a presentation for the upcoming EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative conference. Our presentation abstract states, "Web 2.0 tools have the power to transform education. Such a transformation requires that faculty, students, and institutions take risks. With those risks comes fear, which is often unarticulated. How do you tackle this fear and make real change?" My current fear and anxiety center around podcasts in higher education. And I'm not sure how to tackle it in ways that effect real change. ...more

I agree that podcasting as it's done now doesn't capture the real flavor of a class, but I think ...more