Celebrating National Poetry Month with Langston Hughes

April is National Poetry Month so I am celebrating it by sharing a little  about my favorite poet of all times, Langston Hughes.  Hughes is one of the most famous and prolific poets and writers of the Harlem Rennaissance period in America. That period was the birthplace of a great number of incredible poetry that has influenced my life. One of my favorite gifts of all time a book, The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes My husband bought me this paperback volume about ten years as a birthday gift and I have read it so much it is getting a little worn and crumpled....more

GROWING by Ruth Howard

Amongst other things, Ruth Howard was a volunteer reading aide and a talented numerologist. At age 60, she discovered she had been adopted, and from that point her life took on new meaning.   After I read her poem, I asked if I could use it.  At the time I didn’t know how, or for what....more

A Poem (AKA...I'm Right There With Ya, Sister)

I know I haven't been on here in a while...I have still faithfully recorded all her lunches, I've just been lazy about posting them.Nonetheless, I have a lovely surprise for anyone reading this! My kid wrote a poem today at school (not for an assignment or anything, just because she felt like writing it). And it gave me a giggle, so I asked her if I could share it online. She said yes. Here goes.I've Lost My MindI'm not really blindBut I have lost my mind.I am crazyAnd a little hazy,...more

It Came Through His Poem.....

Like all grandmothers, I have a special fondness for all my grandchildren.  I am convinced that they stand out universally as shining stars and that everyone who meets them will be totally mesmerized by their brilliance, good nature, and their unique perception.  I am, of course, looking at this in a total unbiased way. Ryan is a tall handsome young man and even though he is only 16, he has a very old soul.  He wrote a poem, a magnificent poem that reflects his maturity and grace that I’d like to share....more

All I Want for Mother's Day

An ORIGINAL poem written by yours truly....more

A Snarky Poem

I am still exploring my old online journal, and in the process of delving into the past I came across a poem I wrote a few years back. From the tone of the writing, I think living and working downtown was starting to get to me! ...more

NaBloPoMo Poetry Exercises: Learn How to Write a Sonnet

Welcome back to another poetry form. In honour of NaBloPoMo's April theme -- POEM -- as well as National Poetry Month, we're trying our hand at four types of fixed form poems. Fixed form poetry is meant to free the mind by providing a structure much in the same way a house frees the person who lives inside to focus on things other than the elements outside. The third form we're going to look at is the sonnet. ...more

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Every summer for several years when I was little, my siblings and I, and mother would take a vacation to spend a week at my Greatgranny's in Jay, Oklahoma. The most wonderful time of my life. I digress though...  In the "town" of Jay there were a couple of junk stores, not antique, because back then there were not antique stores in the country, only junk stores. We loved to go in them and find treasures....more

Bullied, but not Victim

A kid gets known asthe class act forfallingdownwith perfection,gets called clumsyand classmates searthat adjective on his soullike an unforgivable sin.He does not seethe others withscarred knees like him.Understand,his kind are toobusy staringattheground,hoping not to stumble,too afraid to failto notice or worse,be seen....more

The Secret

The topic of the month at NaBloPoMo is Poem and the question of the day today is "What was the first poem you ever memorized?" This easy as I have written about it before. Somewhere in my piles of junk I even have the copy I memorized off of. I stressed and stressed over the thing but I did it. I'm not even sure what class or age I was but it had to be somewhere between the ages of 7 and 9. I loved the thing because it was about the Robin, one of my favorite birds. This is a really sweet childhood poem....more