Women's Voices In Verse: Susan Kinsolving

PERIAPT AND HU-KWA She bought the tea trolley at auction along with other pieces that took her fancy, mostly Chinoiserie. After the diagnosis, she placed the trolley in the living room where chemo and chamomile often kept her asleep on a chaise. One day longing for distraction, she began to dust and noticed a small oblong compartment underneath the trolley: a secret drawer, stuffed with tissues. One little tug at the wad revealed a gold charm bracelet, its trinkets depicting a charmed life: a ruby-studded heart, ...more

Crackers and Paint


Division Avenue

brick-red nails and lips to match gypsy-color skirts in Egyptian cotton strappy sandals in the dead of winter long dark locks and swaying hips the paunchy men all gawk and wink and think to themselves i'd love a piece of that ...more

Un-tied Laces

        Un-tied Laces I'm drowning in your reign of terror against my private domain You want to own me like a farmer owns livestock Lock me in the stocks of the drudgery role of back in the day when male dominance decayed ...more

My Yellow Liver Is A Load Of Old Tripe

Luke’s eyes light up in anticipation. ‘Go on, open it,’ he urges me. No, it isn't a ring box. It's a white envelope. Bless him, he thinks I’ve won. While I was away spending a few days in Paris with friends, a letter arrived from the organisers of a poetry competition I had entered. ...more

Ode to Hurricanes Fay-Gustav-Hannah-Ike-Josephine (yikes!)

There once was a big storm name Fay Wet and wild We willed her away   Then Gustav an impestuous gent ...more

Once again...

Why do we holdOn this feeble threadOf togetherness Why do we hope?This goes onForever and ever Why do we long?For that kind wordOf forgiveness Why do we treat this?Like it's now or never Why are we so fragile?That a tiny pokeSeems like a shove Why are we so attached?That we forgetWe can't be together We don't knowWhere this willTake us We can't seeHow it willShape us And still we hopeFor it toGuide us ...more

That girl...

That girl in the windowSmiling awayAzure eyes gazing upShe makes my day Her skin is niceLike squashed lemonOn crushed iceCold and detachedI don't care in factSo she remainsFar away, distantSo only I can watch herAnd keep contact She hums a songCycling with the windI can hear her you seeI am not far behindTooting the hornShe finds her wayI follow suitAlmost every day ...more

Painted on Faces - a poem

  painted on faces ...more

Inhibitions Growing Smaller ... Poem

Drops of Inhibitiongrowing smaller ...more