Unreasonable Gratitude: An Artist Talks To God

Is it time for you to get back to your creative work?   ...more

My Work Day, in a Series of Haikus

 One.Too lazy to write.I thought, “why not try haikus?”I’m really clever....more

Sensational Saturday - Favorite Books - Collected Works of Langston Hughes

Sensational Saturday - it is sensational to read a book so much that the pages are bent and the corners are worn out.Each Sensational Saturday throughout the month of November I have been sharing my favorite books of all time. I have shared the Bible, and The Bourne Identity. Next week, I will be sharing Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon. I am a bookaholic. I love to read and carry books with me everywhere I go. I still think one of the best things my husband ever did was give me the Kindle 3G. Now I carry more than 3,000 books in my purse at all times....more

Babies and Church

A post about taking babies to church and what we're really learning when we do.http://www.iamamormonmom.blogspot.com/2012/09/babies-in-church.html...more

Two Poems

I love to write poetry, especially about nature.  I am privileged to have two of my poems post to Jellyfish Whispers this morning.  http://www.jellyfishwhispers.com/2012/08/two-poems-by-jean-louise-monte.html...more

Scatter Shot Prompts from Near Life Experiences

GBE 2: Blog On -- Week #48: “Now”This is for GBE 2 Prompt 48Have a navel gazing poem thing.NaBloPoMo April: Are you more a haiku or an epic poem? The answer is five seven five with a side of prose....more

The Instant

Some of you might not know that I began my writing life as a poet. It occurs to me that a section featuring some of my poetry might be a nice addition to my blog, so today I bring you The Life Poetic.I hope that you'll find it a nice addition, too. Any previously published poems of mine will be indicated as such, and will include the appropriate credits. As it happens, today's poem makes its debut on The Midlife Second Wife and here on BlogHer.The Instant...more

A Handy Guide for All Our Sitters

Hello, hello! So glad you're here!Now please, oh please, pull up that chair And listen well, I won't say this againYou may just want to grab a pen The twins wake up so they can feed,Then Matthew's up, oh yes, indeed Now you've got threeBottles, juice, and scrambled eggies Then it's poop, poop, poopIn a continuous loop Make sure that they're clean and dryAnd now it's time for SuperWhy No, don't sit down, there is no point...more