Poetry Friday: Crows

As I write this I am looking out of a window in an air conditioned (!) Barnes & Noble in Houston. I have just seen a crow. Once again I am reminded of how Lisa Russ Spaar can take the particular and poetically turn it into the pertinent, the powerful, the universal. It is snowing where I live. The shops of Houston are air conditioned as I visit. Some one of our readers in Florida is possibly applying sun protection before a beach walk. Another is drying off after last week's California rains. And one is even having a birthday in London....more

Poetry Friday: God's Gym

by Lisa Russ SpaarMy evening commute takes me along a highway that could be Anywhere, USA — a rootless route of chain restaurants, box stores, motels, gas stations. One evening, stopped at a red light, I noticed that the "L" in the local strip-mall Gold's Gym sign had gone dark....more

Poetry Friday: Edwidge Danticat Voices Haiti, Always

As we all shudder through news of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, pausing to send money though text messages on our cell phones to well-established NGOs such as the Red Cross or ...more

Poetry Friday: Snow | Women's Voices For Change

This week our January Poet-in-Residence, Lisa Russ Spaar, the much-published and much-honored winner of the 2009 Library of Virginia Award for Poetry and Director of the program in poetry writing at the University of Virginia, examines the winter sky within and outside us all....more

New Year's Day Poetry Friday: Lisa Russ Spaar

Photo: Dan Addison, UVa....more

Poetry Friday: A Gift Guide For Poetry Fans

Inspired partly by Jan Simpson's cool Christmas-for-Theatregoers list and by new Christmas poetry lists from The Independent UK and the Daily Mail, the latter a listing of new love poetry, we at WVFC feel obligated to offer the first of our...more

Poetry Friday: Poetry and the Provocative

Do women write or want to write “female poetry”?...more

Poetry Friday: The Shine of Sapphire

Before all the buzz dies down around the already-laureled film Precious, we thought we'd stay in the glow of ...more

Poetry Friday: Thanksgiving According to Ginger Andrews

Anything that one is drawn to say about Ginger Andrews is a going to be a mere piece of the picture. Yes, she cleans houses with her sisters for a living. Yes, she has lived on the trailer side of town while doing for the people in the houses on the hill....more

Veterans Day Poetry Friday