Pastrami Hash with Cheesy Polenta

Savory Polenta Breakfast Bowl

Savory Polenta Breakfast Bowl...more

Mushroom Polenta

Easy, Healthy and Hearty: Roasted Fall Veggies with Cheddar Polenta Squares

  Sometimes I throw together easy dinners, like the quinoa-stuffed bell peppers that I posted yesterday, and they don't receive much fanfare at home. I guess if you're in the mood for something hearty, warm, and comforting, those bell peppers just aren't going to cut it--no matter how good they are. ...more
oh my goodness -- here I am starving and you post this? Wow. It looks really good.more

Polenta Cakes with Crunchy Cilantro Pesto

Polenta is delicious and versatile food that can be prepared in so many different ways-soft, firm, crisp, sweet and savory. Being gluten free I make a lot of polenta and if you ever come to my house you will get to eat it in some form. Don’t worry, I know you will love the taste, that's how good it is.    ...more

Not A Pizza, Yet So Italian...

I usually am not a fan of dishes when one thing is passed off as another one — veggie burgers, mock crab meat, tofu — that’s just not my cup of  tea.  I say, if you are going to eat a burger, for Pete’s sake, just eat the dang real meat.  But sometimes, curiosity just takes over, and you end up with things like this one......more

Crispy Polenta "Taters" with Marinara Sauce

In my opinion, polenta is so under-rated! Not only is it quick and easy to make (ok, I'm referring to instant polenta here) but it's also very versatile and lends itself to so many spice and herb adaptations....more

Sunday Pasta™: Polenta e Porri (Leeks)

In case you were wondering, the creative genius behind the Guida Garrubbo logo is Davide Carbone, who hails from Biella, the Italian textile capital, in Piemonte. Naturally, these days he’s doing cool things in Williamsburg, where he runs his design sites gBlog and  gSelect....more
thanks. let me know how it turns out. edmore

Polenta strawberry cakes

It really is as simple as this ......more