Madison Police Beating and Chapel Hill Shootings: Love Thy Neighbor?

If the recent police beating of an Indian grandfather and shooting deaths of three Muslim students are indication, seeing is believing....more
This is act of shame and violence by US Police who claim to protect. Too common these days the ...more

Our Black Is...

My protest....more

His Name Was Tamir Rice

His name was Tamir Rice.He was 12....more
I have read your whole comment and it astounds me that you can find a way to subtly blame ...more

What Happened to Tanesha Anderson's Right to Life?

Late last night I came across an article with the headline "Cleveland woman with mental illness died after police used takedown measure, brother says." My heart sank as I clicked on it and read about the death of Tanesha Anderson, a 37-year-old African-American woman who reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia....more
This is horrifying.more

What Does a Criminal Look Like?

The (Pepper Spray) Shot Heard Around The World

While my 8th grade students are learning about the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the American Revolution, history is being made right in front of us.   Colonists, in the form of UC Davis students, are rebelling against the Redcoats, in the form of the administration and the government.  And just like in the Revolution, it all started with a shot heard round the world....more
Thank you. It makes me sad to see my community going through this-Davis really is a very ...more

Verdict in Oscar Grant Trial Sparks Protests Against Courts and Media

In Oakland, California, where frustration over police brutality fueled the rise of the Black Panther Party nearly fifty years ago, anger and grief spilled into the streets when a former city transit officer drew an involuntary manslaughter conviction yesterday for gunning down an unarmed black man today as he laid on the ground in compliance with police orders. As Blogher Contributing Editor Melissa Ford reported, the verdict returned by a Los Angeles jury against Johannes Mehserle, 28 in the killing of 22-year-old Oscar Grant III normally carries a sentence of 2-4 years, but could be as long as 15 years because the crime was committed with a gun. ...more

There is a study to be done on the impact that social media might be having on the MSM coverage. ...more

Who Is The Adult In This Situation?

My kids and I have many one liners that help them to understand what I expect of them.  When they tell me about something some one else is doing I ask who are you responsible for?  Or when they misbehave in church I say where are you? ...more

Cell phone videos of police killing spark calls for change

Thanks to cameraphones, Youtube and blogs, people around the world saw a young transit police officer fatally shoot 22-year-old Oscar Grant III in the back as he laid face down on an Oakland, California subway platform. The shooting, which took place in the early ours of New Years' day, touched off violence-laced protests in a city whose history of troubled police-community relations stretches back decades. While the city considers possible criminal charges against the officer, Grant's family has filed a $25 million wrongful death suit. ...more

I hear the cop has been charged with murder.  I hope justice is served. This was a horrible ...more

Baltimore Police Officer Assaults 14-year-Old: The Skateboarding Crime

Somewhere in Baltimore City, Mayor Sheila Dixon is screaming. Last summer, an officer on the Baltimore City force threw a fourteen year old boy to the ground and then put him in a headlock. Shocked yet? It gets worse. The boy had been skateboarding at the Inner Harbor, but that's not what set Officer Rivieri off. It seems he was offended by the lack of respect on the boy's part and objected to being called "dude." ...more