Poland's Decision to Suspend Compensation Plans for WWII Victims

I should be writing a recipe about Polish Creamed Green Peas and another about raising a bi-lingual child in the USA, but...Right now, there is a controversial decision by the Polish government being discussed around the world.  The decision to suspend compensation plans for real estate seized by Nazi Germany and then by the USSR Communists.If you haven't heard about it, I asked Poland.gov.pl's facebook fan page admi...more

Nail Trends: Reverse French and Purple

We’ve officially hit holiday season, which means we can start having even more fun with our nails .  Today we’re looking at a mix of the hottest trends of the season: matte, reverse French, glitter, the color purple Matte Reverse French in Orly Purple Velvet...more

Take Care of Yourself

Back in "The Day" I would never show my toes unkept in public. No speckles of the last remaining toe nail polish allowed. This is a rule I have definitely broken! How did I get here? I had children. ...more