Basic Life Etiquette 101

Once upon a time, I used to write ‘etiquette’-themed posts on my blog, ‘AA.’  These posts were created to outline how one should act in certain scenarios or locations, specifically:...more

Are YOU forgetting to say thank you?

I follow a fantastic page, Abandoned America, on Facebook and decided to purchase his book, Abandoned America, The Age of Consequences by Matthew Christopher. (If interested, you can purchase the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble online.)After I purchased the book, I noted that he had held previous contests to give away a signed copy of his book. Because his book is so fantastic, I decided to share the love and messaged him to offer to fund a contest giving away another signed copy....more

Do Your Kids Know The Importance Of Manners?

This past weekend, both my step-son and step-daughter had friends stay over at our house for the night. I’ve always loved being the “kool-aid” house, where it’s always full of kids. I love hearing the giggles from the girls as they build tents on the catwalk overlooking our living room. And I love hearing the boys yelling at their video games as they try to keep from being eaten by zombies. A full house is perfect.But one of the things that I’m always amazed by is the difference in manners between our two guests....more


Why do you Honey me? You call my husband Honey too? Can you just be polite without saying Honey or Sweetie?...more

Everyone Lies

My friend Andrea strongly dislikes another woman we both know. The first time she disclosed her feelings, I listened politely to her impassioned rant, then inquired why she felt so strongly about the other woman. The reason was that the woman in question was "fake." ...more

Jealousy probably brought the comment on by your friend.

Nevertheless, we all lie - in some ...more

My Teenager is Upset (pissed) !

I am so proud of my 14 years old daughter "Ellie". She is really everything a mother could wish for. She is smart, beautiful, kind, generous and sensible. I love her. And lately, I am so proud of her. You see, I got a confirmation by her that so far, I am doing a good job with her, raising her. ...more

It's Never Too Late for Civility

I have been known to drop the ball in practicing what I preach.Sometimes it can be hard to behave in a manner that matches your words.I was challenged by this recently.A few weeks ago, I was at the height of, “THIS MONTH SUCKS DONKEYBALLS AND IT CAN EFFING DIE. DIE. DIE!!!"One day was particularly bad....more

Comments that are hurtful by those that are supposed to love and protect us are especially ...more

I am so embarrassed! I was not nice to my friends today

Its Sunday morning here.  There were some really good friends over for dinner last night.  I went down to meet them late as it is difficult to leave half way through and I can't deal with company and conversation for long these days (lupus).Very sweetly they suggested I see this herbalist who has cured ...  I flipped. ...more

Manners and Etiquette

Whenever I speak about manners, I feel old. I feel as though I should be clutching my pearls and wearing my grandmother's clothing. The fact is that we all live in rather close proximity to each other, and social mores and rules are our way of making that experience bearable and even pleasant. This week, I watched ...more