Sick of Political Ads

I must admit that the timing for taking on a challenge such as NaBloPoMo has been less than ideal. With a head full of congestion and eyes that prefer to slam shut at any moment it's a struggle even though it's only the second day!  But to quote Shania Twain "I Ain't No Quitter". ...more

10 Most Memorable Political Videos on the Right in 2010

Take a break from looking at poll numbers and the endless predictions from pundits and let's recap the past top ten memorable videos on the right-side of the political spectrum, from Demon Sheep to Old Spice parodies. ...more

Mumsnet and Political Ads: U.K. Politicians Court Mommy Bloggers

The U.K.-based site, Mumsnet, is hosting what could shape up to be the Gladiator of all online political advertising battles: The quest for the mom blogger vote. From Advertising Age magazine:...more