this is me, ladies and gentlemen

 Well, I was raised with certain beliefs that I once dared to completely rebel against only to eventually end up failing miserably [oh, those bittersweet teenage years...]. But don't worry: I am not going to discuss different political viewpoints on anything right now: I hardly ever miss an opportunity like this, though. But just for this once, I think I'll just pass. ...more

Children of Politicians: Barbara Bush's Support of Gay Marriage

Barbara Bush recently made a PSA stating her support of same-sex marriage. Considering her father, President George W. Bush, was and remains a known opponent of gay marriage, it was a bold, gutsy and admirable move by the former First Daughter. We might all be able to learn a little something about standing up for what we believe in from Barbara and other President's kids. ...more

My mom could have written this comment. She was always busy on snopes because of all the ...more