Saturday Funnies LV

Ah, I love Saturday!! Time to laugh!! My husband is a Tax guy.  October 15th is the last deadline of the year for individuals and he gets some funny emails.  With this year being an election year, well, he got some fun ones.  The one below I thought was somewhat ok to share.  Remember, we are almost at the end, keep laughing,just keep laughing!!Dear Mr.CPA,The IRS sent my Tax Return back!  AGAIN!!!  I think it has something to with my response to the question:List all dependents?I replied -...more

Bitches Against Romney: Chasing the Dog Vote

Every good dog has his day, and Seamus Romney is finally feeling his alpha male oats.  Seamus, the long-deceased Irish Setter who belonged to presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, became famous for one of the Romney family's annual summer road trips which took place more than 25 years ago.  The 12-hour journey was from Massachusetts to Canada.  Evidently, with five strapping sons and all that luggage, there was little room to spare in the Romney station wagon....more

Our Health Care Future in a New Light

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What Not To Wear This Fall - Hitler's Moustache Is Passe

elizabeth:  I was having a really nice lunch with an old friend the other day. We talked for hours and then decided to take a walk around the town. We had been roommates here years ago and we were the young hippie girls with long flowing hair and skirts who believed in the goodness of people and that anything was possible. All we needed was love.  We came upon a man standing outside the town hall. He had a table set up with papers and posters.  I couldn’t make up what they were about until we got closer. And then I lost my mind....more

Metaphorical Jab at Sarah Palin's Pumps

A friend sent me a You Tube video about a model trying to get off stage in a pair of awkward fitting pumps.  I could not help but see a metaphorical comparison to Sarah Palin and those pumps she wore on the night she was nominated to be Vice President of the United States. Take a look at the rest of the post. ...more

Barack Obama and John McCain: Online Videos To Tickle The Funny Bone

Back in February on Super Tuesday I posted "Super Online Videos For Super Tuesday." Now that the primaries are over and the official presidential campaign is in full swing, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a few laughs. What better way to get them then by checking out the latest online videos that take a humorous look at the campaign and the candidates? ...more

Thanks again...and I suspend my comments :-)more

Someday My Putin Will Come

I was watching Christiane Amanpour’s report on the Russian parliamentary elections last night. She was interviewing people on the street and after listening to a few Russian citizens I said to George, “It’s just like a fairytale!” and he said, “What, St. Petersburg in the snow?” and I said, “No, their belief in Putin. He’s stabilized the economy, expanded oil production and helped establish a thriving middle class. Now they’re all living happily ever after”. ...more