Why the Mayor of Newark Restored My Faith In Politicians

There are some good ones out there. You just have to look for them....more

Pick the Most Memorable Celebrity or Politician Blunders

They make us laugh, cry, cringe and re-tweet. They provide endless fodder for late night talk show hosts and comedians. Let's face it, foot-in-mouth incidents by celebrities and politicians are the spice of life in a world that relies on sound bites for instant gratification and entertainment. Which ones do you think are the most memorable? There are so many to chose from in an election year! Do you think celebrities are more prone to blunders and bloopers or are public officials the experts in that department? I think it's a tie lately....more
I predicted we'd have a new batch of blunders before the week was out.  Mr. Romney did not ...more

Dancing with Pigs

I have a strange admiration for politicians. I wouldn't want to be one, but they have a big task. Ever try to convince someone to do what you want, when they don't want to? Harder still is to convince someone to agree with you when they don't.One reason is that we're all averse to change. We may think we like it, but what do we do on vacations? Go to different places and look for familiar faces, foods, bed pillows just like at home on the bed. Even those are easier to accept than cnanging our fond beliefs....more

Super Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday here in Oklahoma. I really can't wait till this stupid election is over, mainly to have different news to watch. I'm already tired of the commercials and every single news program is nothing but election stuff. The main thing I'm ready to end are the phone calls. They come every single day, several times a day, Sunday's included. Yesterday, when I got home from a very long day at the office I checked our phone messages which usually area NONE. There were no less than six messages, one was a message we needed....more

Did You Misspeak, or Is That a Factoid?

People, let’s say what we mean. These political commercials reek of lies of omission, quotes taken out of context, as well as big ole fibs. I wish I could talk back to those spooky-voiced announcers hinting at wrongdoing by all sorts of candidates. I would say “Where did you get that story?” and “Yeah, so’s your Mama.” Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary lists 34 synonyms for falsehood, but only two antonyms (truth, verity.) Are we so polite that we will say that someone practices sophistry or is delusional rather that calling him a liar?...more

Politics...??? Who Me!

Come see what I say about politics...who me!  http://crbh-ruminations.blogspot.com/2012/01/politics-who-me.html...more

Sorting Through Dirty Laundry Not Ours; What Weiner's Woes Say About Us

This week, in a 30 minute press conference that felt like 30 tortuous hours, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner confessed that the infamous "crotch shot" was indeed his. This after originally lying and suggesting that his email account had been hacked. The Congressman admitted that he had had flirtatious Internet relationships with about six women in which he sent sexually explicit pictures and text messages. Mr....more

and certainly hope that impression was conveyed. This sort of behavior always has difficult and ...more

Be Sure To Put 'Mom' On Your Resume

A year ago it was time for me to venture back into corporate America after three years spent working for the most demanding boss on the face of the earth: my son. I learned early on that getting prospective employers to find you interesting after devoting yourself to a free-loading child takes clever manuvering. There is an unspoken resume protocol in America. While it is customary to boast of your mediocre piano skills and that you speak "conversational" Tagalog (no one would...more

(VIDEO) BlogHer's Sarah Granger: How Politicians Are Using Social Media

BlogHer's Interim Political Director, Sarah Granger, talked to CBS about how politicians are using social media in this election: ...more

Sarah, you did a great job! The interviewer, however, would be served well by not acting like ...more

Obamacare -vs-I Could Care Less: a view from Italy

Regardless of what you think about the results of Sunday’s historic vote in America – to provide health care to all Americans, one thing is certain:  most pundits agree that Obama and many in his party ‘put everything on the line’ -- their name, their party, their future - in order to form, what Obama loves to pronounce, “A more perfect union.”  Democrats had been fighting for this cause for decades, with the now-Octogenarian Democratic Michigan Congressman John Dingell introducing a health care bill year after year, picking up where his ...more