Jenny Sanford, "Hero" of the Spurned Sisterhood?

“The cheated-upon spouses of the world have a new hero, and her name is Jenny Sanford.”  ...more

My heart goes out to everyone that becomes a victim of an affair.  I believe it's one of ...more

Sex, Lies & Dvds

History has just been made: An Italian politician just went down for his sexual picadillos, in what is a very first for this country. I mean, we’re talking about the place that gave us Caligula, Popes with 17 kids, Caesar & Cleopatra and then Marc Antony & Cleopatra, and Emperors gifting sumptuous villas for their mistresses....more

Cheating Politicians: A Couple of Questions

The list of animals that mate for life (to name a few of many) includes: gibbon apes, wolves, termites, coyotes, barn owls, beavers, bald eagles,condors, swans, cranes, pigeons, red-tailed hawks, angelfish, ospreys, geese,whales, penguins and black vultures. Notice that male politicians are not on this list. ...more


No, I don't think I'm hard of hearing. But a lot of what I'm hearing is hard to believe. Hence I've been saying, "What????" far too often. The housing, insurance and banking industries need bailing out because they were forced to grant loans to people who didn't qualify for expensive homes. WHAT? If anybody was forced it was greed that forced them to do what common sense had to be telling them was a stupid thing to do. ...more

Mumbai attacks: Looking for some character

The three days of excruciating pain that Mumbaikars suffered and survived last month hit home like no other terrorist attack in India, as I watched the horror unfold, safe in my living room 10,000 miles away. I lost a former senior colleague to the Taj Mahal Palace hotel siege. I was saddened, shaken and sobered. The next time, it could be my family or my close friends, in their own homes, in my home country.  ...more

Raj, you are right about the bureaucracy taking more responsibility for their actions. But ...more

Palin Ain't So Appealin'

Forgive me.  No one sent me the memo that all women are the same.   It's a mistake anyone could make (especially a woman).  I apologize to the GOP, Palin, McCain, and the other neoconservative pundits for speaking out against their sexist politics of the past.  I take back all my negative comments about Republicans trying to manipulate women by tapping into their deepest fears and religious convictions. ...more

Excellent points.

And I will not believe that God is behind your ticket.

And I ...more

Barack Obama and John McCain: Online Videos To Tickle The Funny Bone

Back in February on Super Tuesday I posted "Super Online Videos For Super Tuesday." Now that the primaries are over and the official presidential campaign is in full swing, I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a few laughs. What better way to get them then by checking out the latest online videos that take a humorous look at the campaign and the candidates? ...more

Thanks again...and I suspend my comments :-)more

McCain's "inappropriate" relationship

I've watched with interest the swirl of controversy surrounding the revelations that Republican presidential candidate John McCain had an "inappropriate relationship" with a female lobbyist — one who has been described in the media as "fetching" and who is 30 years his junior. Putting aside how Vicki Iseman's position may or may not have influenced McCain politically, the question of what is considered "inappropriate" is one that intrigues me. ...more

Headline as Haiku

The headline summed it up so accurately it made my teeth hurt: "Republican Unity Trumps Democratic Momentum" ...more

Women in the new Web 2.0 political world in Ecuador

I read last week from Global Voices that politicians in Ecuador have turned to blogs and YouTube to communicate with the general population, as cyber culture and internet cafes become more popular. It was fascinating to look a little bit deeper and to watch some of the video speeches and debates. ...more

I feel angry when some idiot pretending to be “the smart guy” sneak himself or his friend in the ...more