BlogHer and The White House Project Team Up at BlogHer '10

Today, we are very proud and pleased to announce a new programming partnership with The White House Project. Like BlogHer, The White House Project is a non-partisan organization, and their mission is to fill the leadership pipeline, at all levels, with "a richly diverse, critical mass of women."This partnership will take place at BlogHer '10, where we will co-produce a new, half-day workshop on Thursday August 5th, designed to help women bloggers with a politics and public policy bent become aspiring public servants....more

It is so important to encourage women—especially young women to consider running for office. ...more

Cold as Ice

Did I miss something here?Is it National Make an Offensive Comment About People with Disabilities Month?No?...more

Kids With Special Needs Are Not "God's Punishment"

According to Bob Marshall of Virginia, kids like my son are a punishment for women who chose to abort previous pregnancies (something I actually chose NOT to do, ooh irony). From ...more

Jenny McCarthy spews ignorance though. Her thoughts about an autism cause and cure are ...more

Mumsnet and Political Ads: U.K. Politicians Court Mommy Bloggers

The U.K.-based site, Mumsnet, is hosting what could shape up to be the Gladiator of all online political advertising battles: The quest for the mom blogger vote. From Advertising Age magazine:...more

A Vancouverites Thoughts on 2010

(The original post can be found here)...more

Elizabeth Edwards: An Inconvenient Truth

by Kathleen O'Brien To hear them tell it, they didn't really want it to be this way.John Edwards didn't want to admit paternity of the little girl his mistress gave birth to because doing so would hurt his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth has Stage 4 breast cancer and hardly needs another cloud on her horizon....more

Q & A proves effective but activates original George Washington 'issue'

The English, Italians and Germans do it effectively by staging debates, allowing the public to see the process as they legislate, propose, vote and show results.  ...more

Republicans, Democrats and a Social Media Experiment

I'm going to conduct a social/social media experiment here and I would love it if you would play along.  Over the next few days I will post the following question on Facebook, blogs and Twitter to name just a few.  Please submit your comments and thoughts here or on those outlets....more

Who dat is? My baby daddy.

By now it’s made the rounds: the love-child admission heard round the world. John Edwards has admitted to fathering Frances Quinn, the daughter of former campaign worker Rielle Hunter. SHOCKING. I mean really. Did we not already know this? Did we not scoff and roll our eyes every single time John Edwards denied a) having an affair, b) showing up in a hotel room in LA holding a baby and c) actually owning up to being that baby’s father. Yeah, we did....more

About Martha Coakley

by Diane Vacca Attention, all candidates and wannabees: Learn a valuable lesson from Martha Coakley.If you want to win, don’t take anything for granted. Fight as if your political life depends on it, because it does....more